Federal prisons


US Senators Have Finally Reached a Deal to Overhaul the Criminal Justice System

The bill would start to roll back the harsh federal sentencing laws that have helped fill America's prisons.


What I Learned from 13 Years of Witnessing Violence in Federal Prisons

When I first got locked up, I was a 130-pound, 23-year-old junkie who had one thing in mind: survival. After years of being both a victim and an assailant, I changed my life for the better.


The US Prison System Is Shrinking, but Very, Very Slowly

There were a lot of celebratory headlines after Attorney General Eric Holder announced a drop in the federal prison population last week, but the state-by-state numbers tell a more complicated tale.


46,000 Imprisoned Drug Offenders May Be Going Home Early

Nearly 25 percent of the federal prison population may be granted reduced sentences in a move meant to address high costs and overcrowding.