Amazon’s Creepy Twitter PR Army is Growing

Amazon now has dozens of apparent employees tweeting about how much they love the company. But even former employees are suspicious of the accounts.


The FBI Created a Fake FedEx Website to Unmask a Cybercriminal

In an attempt to identify someone tricking a company into handing over cash, the FBI created a fake FedEx website, as well as deployed booby-trapped Word documents to reveal fraudsters' IP addresses.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

FBI: explosion at Texas FedEx could be linked to Austin, Weinstein Co. bankruptcy axes NDAs, ISIS seizes Damascus​ neighborhood, and more.


FedEx Wants to Make Mail Cool Again with Their New Soundtrack Service

Using a tracking number, you can now create an original score for your next package.


A Secretive Air Cargo Operation Is Running in Ohio, and Signs Point to Amazon

A mysterious "Project Aerosmith" is rumored to be the ecommerce giant's first attempt at running its own air shipping service.


Doorman, the On-Demand Package Delivery Startup, Is Expanding to Chicago and NYC

The service allows users to schedule packages to be delivered at their convenience.


Customers Are Boycotting UPS Because It Ships Severed Animal Heads

Shipping companies are under scrutiny for transporting wildlife trophies.


Can Uber Take on UPS?

Offering more drivers for less money likely won't beat out the delivery industry's algorithms.


Police Dog Sniffs Out $30,000 Worth of Meth Stuffed in Oklahoma Easter Bunny

Oklahoma authorities discovered about a pound of meth wrapped in two condoms and hidden inside a plush toy Easter bunny.


Feds Accuse FedEx of Being in the Drug Trafficking Business

FedEx has been indicted on charges of illegal transportation of prescription drugs.