Feeling The Feels


A Neuroscientist Explains Why Your Brain Is So Anxious All the Time

Our brains evolved to be on alert for threats. It's just that now, with so many things to worry about, we're constantly worried.


A Bunch of Retired Wrestlers Are Suing the WWE for Neurological Injuries

The lawsuit illuminates even more problems with the WWE's professional practices.


A New Mental Healthcare Law Would Help My Suicidal Partner

A new bill could make access to help a lot more effective in the US.


Magic Mushrooms Could Be the Future of Antidepressants

We spoke to Dr. Mark Bolstridge, a clinical psychiatrist searching for alternative and unusual treatments for depression.


The Problem with Using Video Games as a Cure-All for Mental Health Issues

Games are great escapes, but they're not medicine. At best, they're like using ibuprofen to treat a head injury.


How Nature Benefits Your Mental Health

Recently, scientists have been working out whether grass and trees could be used to treat depression and anxiety.


Not Every Mass Murderer Is Insane, Study Says

Some people just have "extreme overvalued beliefs," apparently.


'Blue/Orange' Is a Play About Black Men’s Mental Health, Brought to Life by a Former DJ

It's been 16 years since this play was first staged, and it remains a crucial and urgent a depiction of race, mental health, ethnocentricity, and power.


Why Art Should Be Incorporated into Mental Health Therapy

It's too simplistic to suggest that the arts can solve the mental health crisis, but there's hope that more funding and more debate around the issues could help improve our wellbeing.


The New Anti-Vaping Rules Are Making My Life with Schizophrenia Harder

For schizophrenic people struggling to get through daily life, nicotine can work in surprising ways.


Prisons Are Acting as De Facto Mental Health Facilities for Indigenous Australians

Australia's correctional system is all too frequently the first place of treatment for indigenous people with mental issues.


When Is Britain Going to Stop Marginalizing Black and Minority Mental Health Patients?

The UK government has all but abandoned the vital issue of race in mental health treatment—a frightening reality when you consider that the number of people from minority groups being admitted for crisis care vastly outweigh any other.