felicia atkinson


Félicia Atkinson's New Ambient Piece Is Lovely and Lonely

"Moderato Cantabile" is a piano-led excerpt from the French composer's stunning new album 'The Flower & The Vessel.'


Félicia Atkinson's New Ambient Tape Can Be Your Oasis in a Weird World

The French musician spent time in the New Mexico desert, then turned the feelings of its vast landscapes into a beautiful tape called ‘Coyotes’—a low-key intermezzo between her heavier works.


Support Mexico City Earthquake Relief Efforts by Buying Some Weird-Ass Music

The experimental label Umor Rex is donating all of their digital sales from now through October 15.


Félicia Atkinson’s Music Is Full of Whispers, Both Intimate and Terrifying

The French composer’s ‘Hand in Hand’ is an ASMR-like meditation on the physical qualities of sound.


The 25 Best Experimental Albums of 2016

From church organ drones to locked groove pranks.


The 25 Best Albums of 2016 So Far

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