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On Opening Day, Felix Hernandez is Baseball, and Hope

King Felix is making his tenth consecutive Opening Day start for the Seattle Mariners. It's a testament to not only his consistency but baseball's.
Rachael McDaniel

The Mariners Are Screwed

Even if the injury-plagued Seattle Mariners manage to salvage their season and make a run at the wild card, their long-term outlook is bleak.
Christopher Crawford

How They Got Here: Can an AL West Frontrunner Finally Win a World Series?

The American League West features a tight three-way race at the top. Then...sadness.
Rian Watt

Wait, Are the Mariners Actually Good?

With a new front office, a new manager, and a revamped roster, the Mariners are 21-13, and in first place. Are they for real?
Meg Rowley

Your Guide to the Yankees' Awful, Awful Weekend of Clutch Hitting

Last weekend, the Yankees became the first team in more than two decades to go 0-for-12 with runners in scoring position in back-to-back games. Here's how it went.
Joseph Flynn
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The Man Who Would Be King Felix

Felix Hernandez has been one of the very best pitchers alive since he was a teenager. He's grown into something even greater, and is still growing before our eyes.
Andrew Forbes

A Night in the Kingdom of Felix Hernandez

After years of pitching into a void of losses, Felix Hernandez is finally on the verge of escape. Thank God.
Eric Nusbaum

Why Does Anyone Watch Baseball?

Two men discuss the relative merits and negatives surrounding the game of baseball, specifically with regards to Termel Sledge.
Harry Cheadle and Ben Johnson

Why Does Anyone Watch Baseball?

A baseball fan and a non-fan chat about whether being bored by baseball is bad, whether the sport is doomed to become the next hockey, and speeding the three-hour games up. And also Terrmel Sledge.
Harry Cheadle and Ben Johnson