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We Asked Male Chefs Why There Are So Few Females in Professional Dutch Kitchens

If we are to believe these Dutch chefs, the absence of women in the kitchen all goes back to classic gender stereotypes.
Saskia Beertsen
female chefs

We Talked to Female Chefs About Being Pregnant In the Kitchen

“Days after I told my boss I was pregnant, he informed me he was unable to give me the same amount of hours. Three months later he terminated my contract.”
Saskia Beertsen

What Happened When London’s Best Female Chefs Hosted an International Women’s Day Dinner

Margot Henderson, Freddie Janssen, Olia Hercules, and more cooked in celebration of the women who inspire their food.
Johanna Derry
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Elizabeth Falkner Wants Female Chefs to Learn from One Another

In advance of the annual Women Chefs & Restaurateurs conference, we spoke to chef Elizabeth Falkner about female mentorship in the restaurant industry.
Hillary Eaton

Morocco's Rising Female Chefs Are Taking Back the Kitchen

Working outside of the home was not a tangible option for Moroccan women for many years, but times are now changing with chefs like Meryem Cherkaoui and Najat Kaanache.
Amanda Ponzio-Mouttaki

Rolling Maki at Japan's First All-Female Sushi Restaurant

Women have been traditionally banned from sushi-making because of their warm hands and periods, but one Tokyo eatery is bucking convention.
Mari Shibata
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Sexism in the Kitchen Goes Both Ways

We talked to a female pastry chef about sexism in the restaurant industry, flirting with co-workers, boss dynamics, and woman-on-woman prejudice who also happens to develop crushes on her male bosses.
Tae Yoon