female genital mutilation


We Know Female Genital Mutilation Has Been Happening in the US. How Do We Stop It?

The first federal female genital mutilation case in the U.S. has reignited a longstanding debate over what constitutes the practice and how best to handle it.


Female Genital Mutilation Bill Blocked by 'Appalling' UK Conservative MP

Sir Christopher Chope has been described as an "embarrassment to humanity" for objecting to legislation that would protect children from FGM.


Judge drops charges against doctors who performed female genital mutilation on 9 girls

The ruling overturns the federal ban on FGM in the United States, which was passed in 1996.


Doctors Argue That Female Genital Mutilation Is Protected Under First Amendment

In a landmark case, lawyers are claiming religious freedom to defend doctors facing charges for performing FGM on seven-year-olds in Michigan.


The Female Genital Mutilation Scandal Tearing a Community Apart

A high-stakes criminal case is forcing a tight-knit Midwestern Muslim sect to reckon with its most dangerous practice.


These Women Figured Out a Way to Map and Find Girls at Risk of FGM

Every other December, scores of Tanzanian girls endure what's colloquially known as "cutting season." Now, new mapping technology can help activists locate girls who might be in danger—and get them to safe houses before it's too late.


Female Genital Mutilation is a Problem in the US

And no one knows how to track it—or solve it.


What I Did When My Daughter Asked to be Circumcised

A shocking request sends a mother on a quest to learn more.


The Sex-Positive UFO Religion Behind Clitoraid, a Controversial Anti-FGM Charity

Raëlists believe that aliens created mankind in their image, clitoris included. Somewhat understandably, their efforts to help survivors of female genital mutilation have proved controversial.


Somalia's Prime Minister Joins the Fight to Ban Female Genital Mutilation

After years of international activism aimed at banning ritual female circumcision, a campaign in Somalia is now one step closer to ending the practice in the country where it is most prevalent.


FGM Case Reported Every 109 Minutes in England

Data released on the eve of International Day of Zero Tolerance of FGM reveals the scale of the practice around the world is far higher than previously thought.