Feral House


Adam Parfrey's Feral House Was the Forerunner to Reddit and 4chan

Parfrey is dead at 61.
Matthew Gault

Hardcore Legend Harley Flanagan Doesn't Regret Anything

The founding member of iconic NYC hardcore act the Cro-Mags talks about his new memoir, hanging out with Warhol and Joe Strummer as a teenager, and why it's improbable that his band will ever reunite.
Seth Ferranti

The Long, Strange Hunt for the Folk Singer Who Thought He Was the Next Messiah

It took author Mike Stax 15 years to make sense of the life and times of the musician Craig Smith, who was on the brink of fame before something inside him snapped.
Seth Ferranti
the vice reader

I Wrote 150 Porno Novels in Five Years

In an excerpt from 'Sin-a-Rama: Sleaze Sex Paperbacks of the Sixties,' the legendary science fiction writer Robert Silverberg divulges how he and other authors learned to write smut.
Robert Silverberg

'Pulp Macabre': The Art of a Guy Who Used to Bring Severed Heads to the Bar

The art of Lee Brown Coye features the type of work that made fans of horror and science fiction fanzines drool—grisly worlds filled with ghouls, monsters, and morbid anatomy.
Zach Sokol

The Grotesque Eroticism of William Mortensen's Lost Photography

Referred to as "the Antichrist" by Ansel Adams, this obscure 1930s art photographer pushed the bounds of commonly accepted photographic subject matter. Today, he's all but a footnote, but a recent monograph (and a feature in <a href="http://www.vice...
Larry Lytle
the vice reader

Behind the Big Eyes

Walter Keane, the subject of an upcoming Tim Burton biopic, reaped a fortune back in the 60s painting weeping waifs with hypnotic, saucer-size eyes. But it was his long-suffering wife, Margaret, toiling down in his basement studio, who painted the art...
Adam Parfrey

The Fugitive Reporter Exposing Mexico's Drug Cartels

Blog del Narco is a Mexican website that fills people in on the (often bloody) activities of the murderous local drug cartels where the nation's mainstream media has failed. Now Feral House is releasing a book containing the most relevant posts and...
Bernardo Loyola