Fergus Henderson


MUNCHIES Presents: Margot Henderson

In this short film about the life and work of one of London's most influential chefs, MUNCHIES follows Margot Henderson from her hidden restaurant—the Rochelle Canteen—to the Soho restaurants that helped make her career.
Margot Henderson

The Easiest Hangover Cure from One of the World's Best Chefs

According to Fergus Henderson, you just need two ingredients and some ice. It's magic.
Munchies Staff
Parsi Cuisine

Why You’ll Find London’s Best Persian Indian Food in a Cake Shop Basement

Chef Farokh Talati’s day job is at legendary nose-to-tail restaurant St. John, but every month or so he takes over a Soho patisserie to cook the food of his Parsi heritage.
Daisy Meager

Baked Apples with Mincemeat Recipe

Because apples were meant for stuffing and baking.
Fergus Henderson

What Happens When Nuno Mendes Takes on Fergus Henderson

We joined Portugal-born Chiltern Firehouse chef Nuno Mendes as he prepared a dinner inspired by Fergus Henderson’s iconic Nose to Tail Eating: A Kind of British Cooking book.
Daisy Meager

Fergus Henderson and Three Veteran St. John Chefs Cooked the Ultimate Nose-to-Tail Dinner

Tim Siadatan, Jon Rotheram, and Robbin Holmgren all started out at St. John, Henderson’s legendary London restaurant group. But when preparing a special dinner together on the hottest day of the year, would too many cooks spoil the broth?
Daisy Meager

How Margot Henderson Learned to Love 'Plain' British Food

British food’s plainness is its brilliance. Food that has a giving unctuousness, food that is cooked with love and also gives love—massaging you from the inside out.
Margot Henderson

Welcome to the MUNCHIES Guide to British Food

Every day this week, MUNCHIES will be exploring the stories that make Britain’s cuisine. Pull up a chair, BYOB, and prepare to forget everything you know about British food.
Munchies Staff
Last Call

Meet the Cabaret-Dancing Pub Landlady Who Doesn’t Serve Pints

Welcome back to Last Call, where we visit watering holes around the world for life advice from their trusty barkeepers. Today, we meet landlady and former cabaret artist Lesley Lewis at The French House in London.
Harry Sword
British cuisine

How Pickled Herring and Danish Schnapps Have Impacted Fergus Henderson's Approach to Food

Back when I was studying to be an architect, I worked in Copenhagen for a couple of months for a designer who used to send me out on bizarre missions. On one particular mission, I opted for a lunch that changed the way that I think about food, and...
Fergus Henderson

Your Hot Cross Buns Will Taste Better with Chili

Hot cross buns work with chili because it accentuates all of the spices. With the first mouthful, you think, “That’s not super potent” but by the time you’ve eaten the whole bun, all of those flavours have built up.
Anna Hansen

What Happens When You Make Dinner with Fergus Henderson and a 47-Year-Old French Cookbook

London boozer-cum-restaurant The Marksman recently hosted a dinner with iconic St. John founder Fergus Henderson, using his favourite French cookbook—Ma Gastronomie—as inspiration.
Gareth May