Plague of Flies Caused By Chicken Poop Descends on Russian Villages

Swarms of the insects have blanketed several Russian towns in the Ural Mountains.


Did a Conspiracy Between the World's Largest Fertilizer Companies Crash the Food Economy?

A new report suggests that a clandestine cartel of fertilizer companies drove food prices so high that they precipitated a crisis that drove 44 million people into poverty.


Turns Out That Using Human Poop to Fertilize Crops Isn't Such a Great Idea

Is it time to reexamine regulations on sewage sludge fertilizer?


Eating Meat Raised on Human-Based Fertiliser Could Be Making Us Infertile

Given the extreme nature of the human diet, it’s not surprising that our excreta is not the healthiest product with which to fertilize farm land.


A Huge Algae Bloom Off the Pacific Coast Is Poisoning Shellfish and Sea Lions

Scientists say the combination of especially warm ocean temperatures and large amount of agricultural runoff is contributing to the large — and toxic — bloom.


This Danish Music Festival Wants to Turn Your Piss into Beer

Danish music festival Roskilde has a so-crazy-it-just-might-work plan to "beercycle" your piss into a lovely pilsner that you can drink at a future festival. Golden showers, indeed.


Agricultural Runoff Is Putting Babies and Viagra Users in Danger

High nitrate levels in drinking water—a result of agricultural runoff—is putting Ohio infants and Viagra users at risk of health problems. But that's only the tip of the nitrogen-rich iceberg, as agricultural pollution is costing us $157 billion each...


There's a Downside to All That Greek Yogurt You're Eating

Acid whey, a byproduct from yogurt production, is harmful to rivers and streams but companies are seeking out ingenious ways to limit environmental impacts by repurposing waste.


Turns Out Boring Old Lentils Are Surprisingly Radical

During the 1980s farming crisis, a group of renegade Heartland farmers radicalized conventional agriculture with one surprising crop: lentils.


Organic Farming Isn't Just a Bougie Ideal

It's long been assumed that chemical-intensive conventional farming is the best way to feed large numbers of people. But a new study shows that organic is more than just crunchy: it's productive, too.


UK National Counter-Terrorism Awareness Week Included an Event on Protecting Your Fertilizer From Terrorists

Police visited schools, train stations were leafleted and citizens were told to 'make a plan and stay safe.' Critics have called it scaremongering. But farmers at the launch of the 'Fertilizer Security Five-Point Plan' disagree.


How Horns Filled with Cow Shit Affect the Way I Cook

I grew up in a commune that shared a similar ethos to Rudolf Steiner's social reforms (which included biodynamic farming). As I grew older, I rejected the environment I was raised in, but the moon phases, cow skulls, and farming practices have...