festivals 2016


Brian Wilson and Berlin Techno on the Beaches of Mexico’s Most Dangerous City

Wilson and Seun Kuti reigned, but it was homegrown talent that impressed the most at Acapulco's Trópico, a rising boutique festival founded to resist cartels and prove that Mexican youth can live freely under the looming specter of violence.


Cinq (That's Five in French) Extremely Awesome Acts We Saw at M for Montreal

The festival's 11th installment reinforced the city's reputation as a gathering place for artistic ideas.


Camp Flog Gnaw Wasn't What We Expected, but What We Needed

In years past, the Odd Future-hosted festival has been a pastel-colored reprieve from the outside world. This time, it wasn’t.


I Went to Iceland Airwaves in Search of a Feminist Utopia

The World Economic Forum recently named Iceland "the best place in the world to be a woman", but the artists I speak to in Reykjavik have a very different story to tell.


Oh My Goth! Backstage with the Queens of 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

Fresh off season two of 'Drag Race: All Stars,' the performers behind the hit Logo series took a victory lap at Beach Goth to serve both face and new music.


Beach Goth Attendees Petition for Refund After Crowding, Security Complaints

Fest founders The Growlers have issued a statement following backlash against overcrowding, security clashes, and canceled sets at last weekend's festival in Orange County.


Beach Goths Just Want to Have Fun

The crowd of costumed and otherwise extravagantly-dressed fans transformed the SoCal festival into a sight as bizarre and diverse as its lineup.


We Talked to Goths at Beach Goth about Being Goth

Black lipstick and pastel sheer top? Pastel goth. Black workout clothes? Workout goth.​ A wizard cape? Wizard goth. Sure.


The Sun Came Out for Gucci Mane at Beach Goth

There's no anecdote more perfect for the controlled chaos that is Beach Goth than using a private jet to fly Gucci Mane in for a half-hour, rain-flooded Sunday afternoon set in the SoCal suburbs.


TLC Made a Comeback at Beach Goth, Kind of, and We're Here for It

People aren’t supposed to stop performing for 15 years and pick it up again without a glitch, but that’s precisely what happened.


Me, My Mom, and Paul McCartney: From the Iron Curtain to the California Desert

Fifty years after she discovered The Beatles at secret listening parties in Communist Hungary, I took my mom to her first music festival at Desert Trip.