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Mike Flynn and the Insane Alleged Plot to Kidnap a Turkish Cleric

The former Trump official is being investigated over a bizarre alleged plan to snatch up an enemy of the Turkish government and send him away on a private jet.
Mark Hay
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NBA star Enes Kanter isn't intimidated by Turkish President Erdoğan

VICE News invited Enes Kanter over for dinner to talk about his fight with Turkey’s president—and play a basketball video game.
Roberto Ferdman
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Turkey says its 'anti-Americanism' depends on US response to extradition request for cleric

Ankara is not compromising on its request that the United States extradite Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is in Pennsylvania, and who Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and his allies blame for orchestrating last month's attempted coup.

Why Enes Kanter Has a New Name (And Why His Family Disowned Him)

Turkey, Enes Kanter's homeland, is having a tempestuous summer. If his online screed—and new last name of Gülen—is any indication, it hasn't been easy for him, either.
Asher Kohn

How It Feels to Be a Dissident in Turkey After the Failed Military Coup

Government critics are terrified that they'll be removed from their jobs, imprisoned, or worse.
Louise Callaghan

Erdogan is taking full control of the military himself

The Turkish president isn't done cracking down on the armed forces for the failed coup attempt, and now wants civilians to control them.
Tess Owen
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Turkey's Erdogan issues emergency decree extending detention, closing charities and schools

The decree comes after Erdogan declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, saying it would enable authorities to swiftly and effectively root out supporters of the July 15 coup attempt.
VICE News and Reuters
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Weird 'confession' doesn't solve mystery of who led attempted coup in Turkey

The mystery of who is behind the plot to overthrow the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan is deepening. Was it an attempt to preserve democracy and secularism, or a putsch from a Islamist conspiracy?
Justin Ling

Turkish authorities arrest more than 6,000 people after failed coup attempt

Turkey's presdient said those behind the coup would pay a heavy price, but that it was "a gift from God" because it "will be a reason to cleanse our army."
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Turkey's government went on an arrest spree after the attempted coup

President Erdogan has long accused exiled cleric Fehtullah Gülen of plotting against him, and he's going after people he says are Gülen loyalists.
Tess Owen

Turkey Rounds Up 100 People Accused of Links to US-Based Muslim Cleric

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accuses one-time ally Fethullah Gulen of conspiring to set up a parallel state, and has been engaged in a crackdown against his movement or anyone associated with it.
Reuters and VICE News
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Turkey Fires Top Editor of Country's Largest Newspaper as Media Crackdown Continues

Protests have continued outside the offices of the Feza Media Group a day after a Turkish court ruled that the company could no longer operate independently.
Tess Owen