Kia Nurse is Just Getting Started

Nurse showed promise in her rookie year with the WNBA's New York Liberty and built on that during the FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup as Canada's star player.
Kevin Yeung

Canada Shows Basketball World It's Ready for Primetime

Powered by a dominant R.J. Barrett, Canada won its first-ever FIBA basketball gold by taking the U19 World Cup. It was a defining moment for the sport in Canada.
Blake Murphy

Check Out This Crazy Shammgod-Turned-Nutmeg

Dusan Domovic Bulut showed off some moves at FIBA's 3x3 Nanjing Challenger. This one's so pretty, it deserves its own name. The NutGod.
Liam Daniel Pierce

After a Long Fight, FIBA Finally Lifts its Ban on Religious Headwear

This week FIBA announced a new uniform rule that allows basketball players to wear headcoverings—the result of years of campaigning by athletes like Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir and Indira Kaljo.
Shireen Ahmed
Rio 2016

These Past Two US Men's Basketball Exhibition Games Are a Window into the Hurting They'll Put on the World

For the rest of the world, the scariest part is that this team hasn't even reached its full potential.
Michael Brice-Saddler

Under The Hardwood, The Sand: The Case for Basketball on the Beach

Basketball as it is played today bears little resemblance to the game James Naismith invented. But to get back to basketball's roots, we must go to the beach.
Corbin Smith

High Hopes and Olympic Hoop Dreams in France

As France's elder statesmen of basketball—Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Mickaël Gelabale—near the ends of their careers, Les Bleus are dead-set on defending their EuroBasket title and getting a bid to Rio.
Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff

Angry Birds and the Bizarre World of International Basketball Corruption

This story has everything: prankster whistleblowers, three-on-three basketball, scandals, and a peek into basketball's weirdest melodrama.
Jack Ross

FIBA's Rules on Head Coverings Are Screwing Over Athletes and Basketball

As FIBA continues to botch its regulations on head coverings in basketball, the cost weighs heavily on both athletes and basketball itself.
Shireen Ahmed
notorious big

The Hague, Croatian Nightclubs, Embezzlement, And Biggie Smalls: The Dario Saric Saga

Dario Saric's journey to the NBA came with a family crisis, agent drama, and several false starts, but that's not even the half of it.
Joseph Swide
fiba world cup

Even Without Kevin Durant, Team USA Will Be A-OK

Team USA is going to the FIBA World Cup without a bevy of stars. They'll be fine.
Brian Lauvray
the high post

The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of Paul George

A devastating leg injury was an ironic cap to a year that saw Paul George take the next step.
Evan Hall