fiber optics


Why Bury Broadband Fiber When You Can Just Glue It to the Road?

TRAXyL, a DC-based startup, hopes their patented resin will provide more options for building affordable internet infrastructure.


This Is How the Internet Crosses the Ocean

Many people overlook the fact that the internet relies on vast networks of cables connecting continents under the sea.


Plants Are So Awesome, Their Roots Can Sense Light Underground

The stem acts like a 'fiber optic cable,' piping light down to parts that are buried underground. Internet of Plants, here we come.


The Met Gala Was Lit... By One Dress | Insta of the Week

The Met was full of stars on Monday night, and so was Claire Danes' dress.


A Simple Experiment Perfectly Illustrates How Fiber Optic Cables Work

The best experiments are often the simplest.


Interactive Rainbows Color a Fiber Optic Garden

In Birmingham, UK 9,000 colors of light illuminate the diversity of the community.


Halloween Hacks: Glowing Fiber Optic Fairy Wings

Instructables user Mikaela Holmes shows you how to make a Halloween costume that will have your whole neighborhood glowing.


Google Fiber Is Too Popular for Its Own Good

Faced with a six-month wait for a new Fiber installation, prospective customers in Kansas City are going to competitors.


These Pulsing Smart Headphones Are Straight Out of 'Tron'

The cables on Glow Headphones' futuristic earbuds illuminate with the rhythm of heartbeats and music.


Here's a Giant Glowing 3D-Printed Fruit Fly Brain

MIT researcher Nicolas Aimon has 3D printed a beautiful and accurate light-up model of a fruit fly's tiny brain.


How Hurricane Sandy Pulled the Plug on Landlines

Storm battered Mantoloking, New Jersey, and Fire Island, New York, might very well see the death of the landline sooner than the rest of us.