Field Notes

The Sick Day Issue

Figuring Out the Freelance Economy

Could new technology make the lives of freelancers less lonely and more secure?
Nathan Schneider
The Up Close and Personal Issue

This Pen Is the Weapon of Choice for China's Elite Bodyguards

There's a functional pen inside, but on the other end (where the actual tip of the pen should be), there's a sharp point, almost unnoticeable, that can be used to stab an attacker.
Dan Cain

Just How Much of Ourselves Does a Paycheck Buy?

It's one thing to feel tethered to your inbox. It's another for employers to monitor you and claim your body is their asset.
David Roth
The Up Close and Personal Issue

When Productivity Doesn't Help Workers

Becoming more productive doesn't necessarily make life easier for everyone.
Nathan Schneider
The Up Close and Personal Issue

May's Best Music, Films, and Books

We reviewed Sebastian Junger's new book, Mischa Berlinski's new novel, a video game about a smallpox attack, and more.
Christian Lorentzen; Lauren Oyler; Jamie Fisher; Liz Fi
The Holy Cow Issue

Burner Phones Are Changing the Way People Illegally Cross the Mexican Border

​A technological arms race between migrants, cartels, and authorities is heating up at the Mexico-United States border. At its center? Cheap, pay-as-you-go phones.
Brian Anderson and Camilo Salas
The Holy Cow Issue

What Would a World with Legal Weed Look Like?

While many think of legal weed as an unmitigated good, legalization and regulation could present hardship for some.
Krishna Andavolu
The Holy Cow Issue

The Story Behind the Cover of VICE's April Issue

Photographer Tim Schutsky hung out with some eerie cows and played around with googly eyes to get the perfect shot for our April 2016 cover.
Tim Schutsky