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The Power and Privilege Issue

This Is What Living on Minimum Wage Looks Like

The photographer Chase Castor shot four workers in Kansas City, as they struggle to survive day after day with little pay.
Alex Norcia
Fast Food

Burgerville Workers in Portland Successfully Form First Fast Food Union in US

The union marks a major victory in the ongoing struggle for fast food workers' rights.
Dave Minsky

Hijacked Sign Says Ohio McDonald's Is 'Now Hiring Losers'

Friendly reminder that most fast food employees are overworked and underpaid!
Mayukh Sen

Carl's Jr. Begging Amazon to Buy It Embodies the Pain of Late Capitalism

"Our logo smiles, your logo smiles!!!"
Louise Matsakis

Will the Trump Administration Make It Easier for Employers to Steal from Workers?

Andy Puzder, Donald Trump's nominee for labor secretary, comes from an industry where wage theft is troublingly common.
Livia Gershon

When No One Has a ‘Job,’ Who Will Pay Workers a Minimum Wage?

Uber drivers joined a series of protests demanding a $15 minimum wage. What happens to the minimum wage in the gig economy?
Jason Koebler

Leaked Video Shows How Business Lobbyists Conspire Against a Higher Minimum Wage

A Council of State Chambers of Commerce webinar suggests that business leaders can keep wages low by not talking about the issue while redirecting the political conversation to "creating more jobs."
Avi Asher-Schapiro

California Is on the Verge of Becoming the First State to Have a $15 Minimum Wage

A deal reached over the weekend between labor groups and California legislators to gradually reach that goal by 2022 puts the state at the forefront of a national debate over the issue, and could set a precedent for other states to consider.
Tess Owen
2016 US election

Rubio Glitched, Trump Got Booed, and More From the Latest Republican Debate

The debate Saturday night in New Hampshire began with perhaps the most awkward introduction in history and ended with frontrunner Donald Trump appearing somewhat rattled.
Olivia Becker
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Inside the Fast Food Workers’ Protest at the New Hampshire Republican Debate

While Republicans debated immigration and ISIS in New Hampshire, a group of protesters gathered outside to demonstrate that there were votes to be had if one of them would back a $15 minimum wage.
John Surico

Fast-Food Workers Strike for Minimum Wage Hike Ahead of Democratic Debate

Workers in Charleston, South Carolina timed their push to raise the minimum wage with the arrival of Democratic presidential candidates for the debate on Sunday.
Atoosa Moinzadeh
2015 the year in review

The Resurgence of the Labor Movement: The Year in Workers' Power

McDonald's and Walmart ceded moderate income hikes while workers staged enormous rallies around the country demanding $15 an hour -- an "audacious" ask that many governments are getting behind.
Colleen Curry