Bricks of Pure Cocaine Keep Washing Up on Beaches in Fiji

More than 100 packages have appeared throughout the Fijian islands in the past three months.
Gavin Butler
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Skrillex Stopped His Fiji Show So This Guy Could Propose to His Girlfriend on Stage

He helped a couple named Malcolm and Jess get engaged at the Your Paradise festival; they celebrated by crowdsurfing.
Alexander Iadarola
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For Only $1,500 You Can Party with Skrillex on a Remote Island in Fiji

Your Paradise 2016 is that one 'Spring Breakers' scene but IRL (and on a boat).
Issy Beech

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, it's revealed America's weapons exports make up a third of the world's arms trade, sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 2,800 years, the Nation of Islam promises to protect Beyonce, and more.
VICE Staff

What Will Happen to the Millions Displaced by Climate Change?

If your home sinks, so should your expectations of help.
Paul Gregoire

Photographing Fiji’s Sinking Island Communities

Climate change is literally washing low-lying seaside villages away.
Jeff Tan

Here's How to Design a Country’s Flag

On Monday Fiji announced it would be holding a contest to design a new national flag. Ted Kaye, a flag design consultant and author of 'Good Flag, Bad Flag' offers his thoughts on what the island nation should look for in their new logo.
Mark Hay
The Hate Boat

Wanted: tropical island to fill with asylum seekers

This week’s immigration news starts off as a tropical jaunt to Papua New Guinea with our fearless leader soon leaves us sunburnt, seasick, and ultimately filled with embarrassment and regret.
Mitch Parker