Bricks of Pure Cocaine Keep Washing Up on Beaches in Fiji

More than 100 packages have appeared throughout the Fijian islands in the past three months.
Gavin Butler
On Edge

Climate Change Destroyed My Home

Now I've made it my job to convince people that global warming is real.
Sivendra Michael

Swag-Rap Duo CMDWN Make Songs of Ice and Fire

"The youth just fucked with us before we made music. We were CMDWN before we made music."
Andrea Gambardella
thump news

Skrillex Stopped His Fiji Show So This Guy Could Propose to His Girlfriend on Stage

He helped a couple named Malcolm and Jess get engaged at the Your Paradise festival; they celebrated by crowdsurfing.
Alexander Iadarola

The Fiji Government Backed an App That Claims to Defy Physics

This is very, very strange.
Jordan Pearson

Fiji's Prime Minister Pleads With Trump: 'Save Us' From Climate Change

World leaders try and remain steadfast on Paris Climate Deal a Trump administration threatens to pull out.
Grennan Milliken
Dirty Work

Dirty Work: The Juiciest Rib-Eye Is Packed with the Best Flavors from Southeast Asia

“The first dish I introduced to LA people was kokoda, which is like a Fijian ceviche. I knew if LA people were already sashimi- and ceviche-mad, they would really get it.”
Alex Swerdloff
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For Only $1,500 You Can Party with Skrillex on a Remote Island in Fiji

Your Paradise 2016 is that one 'Spring Breakers' scene but IRL (and on a boat).
Issy Beech

One-Fifth of the Global Population Risks Malnutrition As Fish Stocks Decline

Scientists identified ‘bright spots’ where, against all odds, fish are thriving.
Kate Lunau
war and conflict

Islamic State Attacks in the Sinai Peninsula Are Forcing Western Peacekeepers to Retreat

Brazen attacks from the Islamic State have forced one country to withdraw from an international peacekeeping mission in the Sinai, while the remaining troops have been abandoning outlooks in the volatile region.
Justin Ling
Rio Olympics

After a 92-Year Hiatus, Rugby Returns to the Olympics

For the first time in nearly a century, the Summer Games will feature rugby—and in a fast-paced, fan-friendly seven-player format that has the tiny nation of Fiji aiming for its first-ever gold medal.
Nick Kariuki

You Will Never See An Own Goal More Dumbfounding Than This Tahitian Goalkeeper's

A shot too perfect to have been unintentional, yet not replicable in the slightest.
Liam Daniel Pierce