Osama Bin Laden

Bin Laden watched a 9/11 truther video and saved "asss" GIFs

Some of the documents give insight into Al Qaeda’s relationship with Iran; others, like pages from Osama Bin Laden’s personal journal, give insight into the terrorist’s personal life. But perhaps most intimate and revealing are the files showing the...
Alexa Liautaud
Gabrielle Bluestone

Nothing Good Lasts Forever, So Back Up Your Music

The recent SoundCloud news has sent a ripple of file anxiety through the music community.
David Garber
Out Of This World

Citizens of Space ‘Nation’ Asgardia Are Already Violating Earthly Laws

The organization plans to launch a data-filled satellite later this year. Already, some of its 'citizens' are uploading copyrighted files to the satellite's website.
Mark Harris

The Man Who Made the Mistake of Trying to Help Wikileaks

In his first interview, former US government lab worker Jason Scott Katz tells Motherboard about how trying to decrypt one file led to an FBI raid, losing his job, moving to Iceland, and founding the Pirate Party there.
Kim Zetter

What I Learned About My Father from Reading His Secret Police Files

My father, a Romanian theater director, was considered a threat to the Communist regime of his time.
Alex Tocilescu

New Zealand Judge Grants US Request to Extradite Megaupload's Kim Dotcom

Megaupload founder and three co-defendants are a step closer to US jail cell.
Greg Sandoval
asia & pacific

British Plan to Move 5.5 Million Hong Kong Chinese to Northern Ireland Was a 'Joke'

Newly declassified documents revealed a UK government proposal to "transplant" Hong Kong to Northern Ireland, but an official has now said that he’s shocked that anyone took the suggestion seriously.