The Music Industry Sued Aurous, the Popcorn Time for Music, Hours After Release

While like Popcorn Time in every other way, the RIAA says it pulled from illegal Russian filesharing sites instead of BitTorrent.


Internet Providers Would Be Forced to Block Filesharing Sites Under TPP

Final text of the trade deal says ISPs may block filesharing sites, experts say.


Police Could Charge a Data Center in the Largest Child Porn Bust Ever

It’s an “innovative” way to fight file sharers, says one investigator, but will depend on whether employees knew the activity was taking place.


AT&T Has a Plan to Make Torrents Faster by Monitoring Its Users

And it raises serious privacy concerns.


Spies Know What You're Downloading on Filesharing Sites, New Snowden Docs Show

A program called LEVITATION monitored users of file sharing websites such as Rapidshare and the now-defunct Megaupload for suspicious activity.


Of Course Thom Yorke's BitTorrent Album Was Immediately Pirated Using BitTorrent

Yorke is still wondering if the public can "get its head around" torrenting.


Italy's New Wave Scene Was the Product of Vintage Filesharing

Long before Joseph Gorden-Levitt's hitRECord, where creatives upload unfinished content in an attempt to produce collaborative work, squatters from northern Italy were making their own crowdsourced art and music projects.


What the First Legit Study of Illegal BitTorrent Downloading Means for Stealing

An academic study out this month is a good first whack aimed to chip away at the glaring absence of data on illegal file-sharing.


BitTorrent's Battle Against Itself

By revolutionizing how we share stuff, BitTorrent also backed itself into a corner that it now seems desperate to escape from—using the same tools that made it what it is.


How Hollywood Turned Kim Dotcom Into an Internet Hero

In Hollywood’s unrelenting fight against online piracy, Megaupload creator Kim Dotcom has emerged as an unlikely hero whose story has now become, well, pretty damn Hollywood. Footage of the stunning raid on the piracy kingpin has now been "released by...


The $8 Billion iPod: Rhapsody Founder Rob Reid on How Copyright Math Doesn't Add Up

The inevitable backlash over the online uprisings that foiled controversial pro-copyright bills SOPA and PIPA earlier this year is slowly rising to a boil. Last week, the content industries managed to strike a "backroom deal":


Piracy, the Grammys, and Why We Need to Break Up with the Entertainment Industry

The Grammys is one of those events that continues to highlight our astounding ability as a culture to choke down the most insufferable bullshit imaginable.