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Filipino Food Has a Lot to Gain As It Builds Traction in the United States

The young chefs behind the evolving new wave of Filipino food are more than ready to share their beloved cuisine with a bigger audience.
Morena Duwe
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Jollibee Buys Struggling Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Chain, Continues Its World Takeover

The popular Filipino fast food chain, which has been called "The McDonald's of the Philippines," also bought Smashburger last year.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Palm Corned Beef Is My Favorite Part of Filipino Breakfast

Rich, salty, and fatty, it made our breakfasts of eggs and rice into savory magic.
Bettina Makalintal

Lumpiang Prito (Vegetarian Spring Rolls) Recipe

The key to these large, veggie-filled fried lumpia is their delicate homemade wrapper, made from a sticky beaten wheat and rice flour dough.
Miguel Trinidad
Send Noodz

Send Noodz: Filipino-Style Lo Mein Is the Perfect Quick Dinner

Ideal for when you're hungry for something noodle-y and packed with umami flavors.
Hilary Pollack
Filipino food

LA’s Best New Filipino Restaurant Is Also Its Tiniest

“People would probably kill me for buying rice this expensive," says chef Charles Olalia of the menu at his 275-square-foot restaurant Ricebar. "If you want it, you make it work—somehow."
Natalie B. Compton
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How I Helped Portland Embrace Filipino Food

"In the long run, I think Filipino food can absolutely get as mainstream as Thai and Chinese food. It's going to go through the same processes through which those cuisines went—an Americanization phase, then to many different offshoots under young...
Carlo Lamagna
Hong Kong

A Taste of Home with the 'Foreign Domestic Helpers' of Hong Kong

Hong Kong hosts more than 300,000 live-in maids from the Philippines and Indonesia, many of whom have experienced abuse at the hands of their employers. I had a traditional Filipino dinner with three of them as they shared their stories.
Justin Heifetz​​
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Embrace the Infinite Possibilities of Halo-Halo

Imagine a five-year-old kid making his own dessert. He has shaved ice and milk as a base. Then he just goes crazy. That’s what halo-halo is.
Miguel Trinidad
Filipino food

You Can Only Eat with Your Hands at LA's Biggest Filipino Dinner

A kamayan dinner is a Filipino feast in which you eat unimaginable amounts of food off banana leaves at a communal table, without any utensils whatsoever. It may be the grand equalizer to finally give Filipino cuisine the push that it needs to become...
Javier Cabral

Chef's Night Out: Manila

MUNCHIES explores Manila, capital of the Philippines, with Rural Kitchen of Liliw, Laguna chef Justin Sarabia, tasting the good, the bad, and the extra-weird eats the city has to offer.
Justin Sarabia
Filipino food

A Filipino’s Food Pride Runs Deep

My pride in Filipino food is marred with a long-running underdog complex. I once brought paksiw to my workplace, doused so enthusiastically with fish sauce a colleague actually remarked, “What smells like wet boot?”
April Smallwood