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Between Two Worlds: We Saw David Lynch in Brisbane

"I discovered that if one looks a little closer at this beautiful world, there are always red ants underneath."


When Did Nerds Become So Intolerant?

Any time a film critic dares to criticize a movie that the general public has already declared a masterpiece, they are insulted, abused, and in some cases, the subject of death threats. What makes fanboys so eager to attack any difference of opinion?


Why Movie Reviewers Are Missing the Point of ‘Child of God,’ and Probably Life Itself

James Franco's adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's 1973 novel about a necrophiliac serial killer hit theaters last Friday. On the whole, reviews weren't good. Child of God may well be my favorite book, and the adaptation is exactly what I was hoping...


'Freddy Got Fingered' Is the Most Underrated Film of All Time

Somehow, he got a studio to pay to make the ultimate punk rock comedy. I sat down with Tom to ask how it all happened.