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Screw Sundance, 'KeanuCon' Is the Only Film Festival That Matters

You'll get to see 'Speed,' 'The Matrix,' both Bill and Ted movies, and something called "Wyld Stallyns live"—what more could you want?


5 Female Filmmakers Festival Events to Check Out This October

Though, if you're into rad films made by women, you should try to attend as many FFFest events as you can.


When It Comes to Telling True Stories, Women Filmmakers Reign Supreme

At this year's True/False Film Festival, there were three standout docu-fiction movies—all made by women from around the world.


The Man Running a Queer Film Festival in a Nation Where Homosexuality Is Illegal

Queer filmmaker Kamoga Hassan is the organizer of Uganda's international LGBT film festival. On the eve of Pride, Hassan talks to Broadly about what's at stake.


These LGBTQ+ Films Put Diverse Queer Voices on the Big Screen

This year's Sheffield Doc|Fest highlighted diversity in cinematic storytelling with a number of films focused on LGBTQ+ content.


Gothic Teen Romance "Möbius" Sparkles With Death and Magic

Director Sam Kuhn makes waves at Cannes with a moody retelling of the Orpheus & Eurydice myth set in the Pacific Northwest.


Miami’s Weirdest Film Festival Celebrates Coral Orgies, Death, and the #NOBROZONE

A sinking city, a Viking funeral, coral sex, Animal Collective, Trina on a bank vault, Waterworld on an island: welcome to Borscht DIEZ.


Morocco Is Hosting a Massive Festival of International Cinema

Auteur and independent cinema reigns during the Marrakech International Film Festival in December.


Charged with Racial Discrimination, Canada’s Government Fought Dirty and Lost

Ahead of a Vancouver film festival premiere, 'We Can't Make the Same Mistake Twice' hero Cindy Blackstock recaps the (ongoing) civil rights battle that almost didn't happen.


People Fainted While Watching This Gory Cannibal Movie

An ambulance was called to the screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Curated by Women: A Special Weekend of Cinema in Hollywood

I spent Women of Cinefamily Weekend talking community, dreams, and womanhood with filmmakers Lily Baldwin and Chris Kraus.


Expect More Cops, Bomb Experts, and Searches at This Year's Cannes Film Festival

"Exceptional" security measures have been put into place to protect cinephiles who will gather this month for the French Riviera city's 69th annual film festival.