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Why Good Actors End Up in Terrible Films

We spoke to people working in the industry to answer the most important question of modern cinema.
Louis Staples

'The Night Of' Was a Win, Just Not for Brown People

I couldn’t be happier for Riz Ahmed’s Emmy win, but it comes with a caveat.
Noel Ransome

The Woman Teaching the World How to Erase Film-Industry Sexism

As CEO of the Swedish Film Institute, Anna Serner implemented the groundbreaking and controversial 50/50 gender mandate for all Swedish productions. As other developed nations look to follow her lead, she tells us how she did it.
Aimee Knight

Meet the Women Composers Fighting for Equality in Hollywood

When it comes to scoring blockbusters, the film industry is anything but fair to women.
Corinne Przybyslawski

How to Film a Rape Scene

Following outcry over a nonconsensually filmed rape scene in "Last Tango in Paris," directors and actors discuss the film industry's failures when it comes to depicting sexual assault—and what women can do to change that.
Emalie Marthe

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump renews promise to deport millions of immigrants, Michigan cop suspended for driving truck with confederate flag to Trump protest, Leon Russell dies at age 74, and more.
VICE Staff

Ava DuVernay Is the First Woman of Color to Direct a $100 Million Film

With her much-anticipated adaptation of "A Wrinkle in Time," Ava DuVernay is making history.
Kimberly Lawson

A Film Expert Explains Why Gillian Anderson Won't Be the First Female Bond

Actresses such as Gillian Anderson and Priyanka Chopra are vying to be the first female James Bond. We find out why the next Bond will almost certainly still have a dick.
Sirin Kale
daily vice

Actress Tessa Thompson Talks Race in Hollywood on Today's 'Daily VICE'

Then we meet a guy who's becoming an authority on Mexican baseball without watching any of the games.
VICE Staff

Michael Douglas Is Worried About an Aussie Invasion of Hollywood

Complaining about people being attracted to the world's biggest film industry is like saying that you have the freest country in the world, then complaining when immigrants turn up to be part of it. Who would be that stupid?
Lee Zachariah
Roy in Hollywood

Am I a Comic Character?

Roy, a chubby and naive manboy, is meeting his maker, Gilbert "Beto" Hernandez. Beto is still apologizing for his interview on VICE from two weeks ago.
Gilbert Hernandez

How to Make It as an Expat Extra in Vietnam

The Vietnamese film industry is always in need of foreign-looking people to appear in the background of movies, but it can be a tricky ladder to climb.
Amanda Saxton