filter bubble


How Facebook Will Protect the 'Integrity' of Canada's Next Election

"We don't want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy."
Tracey Lindeman
information bubbles

Liberals and Conservatives Are Reading Totally Different Science Books

In a new study, researchers were hoping science would be a bridge. That didn’t happen.
Farnia Fekri

Want to Make More Money? Get Better at Memorizing Basic Facts

According to a new book, there's a correlation between how knowledgeable you are and your income and happiness.
Patrick Lyons

Facebook's Filter Bubble Is Getting Worse

New changes to the company's algorithm will make the social network even more of an echo chamber.
Federico Nejrotti

UnFacebooking, Randomizing, and Other Ways to Burst the Filter Bubble

Our feeds are fed to us, but we can bite back.
Claire L. Evans
Motherboard Blog

The Internet Needs to Be More Random: An Interview with Random Shopper Creator Darius Kazemi

Kazemi programmed a bot to buy himself totally random media off of Amazon every month.
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

Obamacare Won't Kill Your Grandpa: If SCOTUS Throws Out Health Reform, Blame the Internet

In an apparent effort to prove to the world that she still exists, Sarah Palin posted an inflammatory update to her inflammatory 2009 ‘death panels’ Facebook screed. She stands by her initial assessment, evidently, and still believes that if Obamacare...
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Is Google Stereotyping the World?

which is the most popular site on the web and the portal to all of our published information. In terms of defining who humans are to outside parties, Google's search algorithm is one of the most powerful things in history. More importantly, that...
Derek Mead