Final Fantasy XV


All the Smaller-But-Still-Cool News From Sony's Paris Event

Between 'Guacamelee 2,' 'The Hong Kong Massacre,' and updates for games like "Monster Hunter World' and Destiny 2,' it was a good lineup.
Patrick Klepek
Final Fantasy XV

'Final Fantasy XV' Mobile Game Is Too Cute For This Cruel World

Who knows if it'll be any fun to play, but this game's got style for days.
Patrick Klepek
Gamescom 2017

Here's All the Gamescom News and Trailers You Missed This Weekend

From 'Final Fantasy XV' coming to PC to an extremely boring Xbox press conference, there was, in fact, video game news.
Patrick Klepek
Final Fantasy XV

'Final Fantasy XV' Is Surprisingly Good at Teaching Photography

That wonderful boy can teach us the magic (and science) of great photography.
Dia Lacina
Final Fantasy XV

The Good Boys of 'Final Fantasy XV' Aren't Always Good

'FFXV' is often praised for its depiction of "close male friendship," instead, it supports tired stereotypes.
Todd Harper
Final Fantasy XV

Road Tripping Through 'Final Fantasy XV' with My Dad

The ultimate road trip RPG is great fodder for father-son relations, as it turns out.
Fraser Brown

Not Every Good Video Game Can Make Your 2016 List

How do 'The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine,' 'Dishonored 2,' and other amazing games get left behind? You gotta cut someone.
Patrick Klepek

Waypoint High's Saturday Morning Detention

2016's disappointments and hottest messes need to face up to disciplinary action.
Danielle Riendeau
Senior Superlatives

This Year's Most Athletic Characters and More Superlatives for 2016's Best Games

Plus, a final farewell to a old, trustworthy friend from 'Dark Souls'
Danielle Riendeau

Finals Fantasy, a Comic by Stephan Maurice Graham

The artist behind much of our signature art shows us what the slacking aristocracy of Waypoint High get up to when left alone.
Stephen Maurice Graham
Senior Superlatives

Life of the Party, Best Wheels, and More Superlatives from Day 2 of the Waypoint High School 2016 Yearbook

One of these students will convince you to make bad decisions. The others will help you pick up the pieces the next day.
Patrick Klepek
Senior Superlatives

2016's Tardiest: 'The Last Guardian' and 'Final Fantasy XV'

On one hand, Trico probably didn't eat Noctis' homework. On the other hand, he does eat barrels, so anything is possible.
Mike Diver