Fine Dining


The Bocuse d'Or Makes Fine Dining an Arena Sport

Competing chefs spend a year training to perfect wildly ornate dishes under pressure.
Natalie B. Compton
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Fast Food Joints Are Cleaner than Fancy Restaurants and Way Cleaner than Your Kitchen

You're gross.
Nick Rose
Fine Dining

What It's Like to Run a 10,000–Square Foot Kitchen

"You have to teach a chef how to move and maneuver in my kitchen; you're asking them to figure it out in half a city block."
Melissa Rodriguez

A Bizarre Photo Series Deconstructs Gourmet Meals Onto Human Faces

A human face serves as the canvas in an unconventional and disturbing take on culinary photography.
Diana Shi

Joël Robuchon Believes Healthy Food Is the Future of Fine Dining

The high priest of French cuisine considers swapping out the butter in order to develop "a fine dining cure" for what ails us.
Hillary Eaton
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This restaurant is using its own scraps, fish poop, and worms to change the industry

VICE News’ Nellie Bowles learns about the various techniques that are re-branding sustainability and the power of fish poop.
Nellie Bowles

I Ate a Chicago Restaurant's Five-Course Dinner Inspired by Salvador Dalí Paintings

One dish included a piece of red snapper melded to the leg of a frog.
Tori Telfer

Chef's Night Out: Konstantin Filippou

Chef Konstantin Filippou of Vienna takes us out for a night filled with "salami" wine, sushi, lamb lungs, and classic Greek saganaki.
Konstantin Filippou
Los Angeles

The 21 Best Fancy Restaurants in LA

From uni pasta to "Secret Beef," Los Angeles's fine dining scene makes our mouths water. Here are the 21 spots you shouldn't miss.
Munchies Staff
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I Dined With an Arms Dealer At the World’s Wildest Dinner Party

Dining Impossible is a three-day gourmet extravaganza at the world’s best restaurants.
Lars Bjerregaad
New Orleans

The 14 Best Fine Dining Spots in New Orleans

Whether you’re looking for old guard institutions of gastronomic excellence like Commander’s Palace or a restaurant devoted solely to the celebration and elevation of the boucherie, Nola undoubtedly has got you covered.
Munchies Staff

The 5 Best Fancy Restaurants in Chicago

In the great city of Chicago, you can very easily survive on deep-dish pizza. But what if you just want to spoil yourself? We have you covered.
Munchies Staff