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This Story of an Elevator Plummeting 84 Floors Is an Absolute Nightmare

Thankfully, everyone managed to escape the thing unscathed.


A Pet Raccoon Got High as Hell and Firefighters Had No Idea What to Do

Looks like 4/20 came early for the little stoner.


This Kid Really, Really Wanted a Toy

The fire department had to rescue Mason from a claw machine after he took matters into his own hands.


It's Monday and Trump Tower Already Caught on Fire

Get your 'Fire and Fury' jokes ready.


Watch Some Good Samaritans Save a Man from His Burning Car

The cellphone footage of a few men forming a human chain and hoisting the injured driver back up to safety is a tiny beacon of hope in our garbage world.


An Apartment Building Was Evacuated After Someone Microwaved Spicy Peppers

Either the tenant was trying his hand at homemade pepper spray or he just ran out of Tabasco.


How Not to Cook a Brisket in Your Bathtub

When the firefighters arrived at the apartment, they found a middle-aged woman fanning away light smoke, which was emanating from the interior of the apartment.


The Teen Who Got Trapped in a Barney Mask at a Sleepover Is the New Chewbacca Mom

The 15-year-old's elaborate sleepover gag backfired quickly.


A Deranged Man Threw a 13-Foot Python at Customers in a Sushi Restaurant

The Los Angeles Fire Department and Animal Services had to save diners from a terrifyingly long and yellow python.


Burning Down the Boy's Club with One of LA's Only Female Firefighters

After a rash of discrimination lawsuits and single-digit percentage numbers of women in the force, the Los Angeles Fire Department is attempting to open a notorious boy's club to female recruits. Anh Nguyen is one of them.


The Canadian Town Where 20 Male Firefighters Quit After Their Only Female Colleague Complained of Harassment

The Canadian town of Spaniard's Bay has become embroiled in a controversy over allegations that an instructor showed trainees porn, among other bad behavior.


911 Dispatcher Resigns After Hanging Up On Teen Helping Dying Friend

An Albuquerque Fire Department dispatcher allegedly failed to assist a distressed teenage girl who was calling to report that her friend had been shot at a party on June 26.