Fire Emblem


A Game's Community Is Just as Important as What's on the Screen

Game developers can lean on online communities like never before, allowing for new design choices based around shared information.


Either I'm a Strategic Genius, or 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Is Too Easy

Without trying, my precious students have turned into war machines, turning combat into an elaborate and optional mini-game.


How To Recruit Dedue in 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses'

The only way to recruit the dashing Duscur.


After It Doxxed 2000 Journalists, Why Should We Ever Trust the ESA Again?

In a world where personal data can be used as a weapon by harassers and hackers, the risk of attending E3 has gone way up.


Fire Emblem Doesn't Just Need Gay Characters, It Needs Queer Life

'Three Houses' technically offers more queer romance than past entries, but its a footnote in a very heteronormative game.


'The Outer Worlds' and Having Politics vs. Just Referencing Politics

This is especially problematic when you're trying to analyze a game at a limited preview event put on by the game's publisher!


'Fire Emblem' Can't Decide How We Should Learn to Play It

How willing should players be to dig through menus to get the information they need to play the game?


The Near Impossible 20-Year Journey to Translate 'Fire Emblem: Thracia 776'

Nintendo's heralded strategy series is now completely playable in English, thanks to the tireless work of fans battling what the community dubbed the "translation patch killer."


Dang, 'Fire Emblem' Games Have Gotten Really Long

At the 40-hour mark, Austin was only halfway through the latest Fire Emblem.


'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Is the Reinvention the Series Needed

By making combat more transparent and giving you more time with the world's characters, Nintendo has revitalized its tactical RPG franchise once again.


'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Doubles Down on Relationships (And It Rules)

'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' focuses on the best part of the Fire Emblem formula: its character growth.


For Desperate Advance Wars Fans, 'Wargroove' Proves a Suitable Successor

The biggest difference? This one has dogs. Very cute dogs. And they fight.