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For Desperate Advance Wars Fans, 'Wargroove' Proves a Suitable Successor

The biggest difference? This one has dogs. Very cute dogs. And they fight.
Eric Van Allen
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It Sucks When You Want to Learn a New Type of Game, But Don't Know How

For the longest time, I figured strategy games weren't for me. They were too hard, too complicated.
Patrick Klepek
Fire Emblem

Nintendo Doesn’t Get Why People Love Donnel, That Sweet Farm Boy

Who knew Fire Emblem fandom and its creators were so far apart?
Patrick Klepek
Fire Emblem

A Tribute to Donnel, a Sweet Boy Capable of Terrible Violence in 'Fire Emblem'

Plus, the translators behind 'Fire Emblem: Awakening' explain how they developed the character.
Patrick Klepek
Fire Emblem

Nintendo's Mobile 'Fire Emblem' Is a 'Gacha' Game, Here's What That Means

If there was ever a franchise to take advantage of this popular way of making money on smartphones, it's 'Fire Emblem.'
Patrick Klepek
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These Are Probably the Seven Best Video Games of 2016 So Far

The year's been okay for new video games so far, right? Right.
Mike Diver
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Linkle, Nintendo's First Female Link, Is Coming to 'Hyrule Warriors'

The news was revealed during Nintendo Direct, a 45 minute update for gaming fans that offers updates on all of the company's new games. We've got a rundown of all the highlights.
Mike Diver

You Can Now Download Ryu from 'Street Fighter' as a Character for 'Smash Bros'

Nintendo released Ryu for download.
Zack Kotzer