Fire Island

Pride 2017

Fire Island Was, and Still Is, Grindr IRL

I went to a Pride Party in the Pines hosted by the gay dating app.
Alex Frank
Pride 2017

The Unsung History of Circuit Parties, Where Gay Men Seek Sex and Freedom

How hedonistic marathon raves became a unique LGBTQ tradition.
Steve Weinstein

The Agony and Ecstasy of Fire Island

The island, contrary to what you've heard, isn't all high tea and low-blow drama—there's a lot of humanity to it.
Khalid El Khatib

Did the Internet Make Dating Worse for Gay People?

For many gay men who remember life before the internet, a nostalgia exists for the days of bars, backrooms, and voicemail.
Mike Albo

Photos from Fire Island's Gayest Weekend

At the 18th annual Pines Party, gay men arrived to carouse among their own, shrouded from the world by woods and dunes.
Nathan Bajar

Can Young Gays Enjoy Fire Island?

These days, Fire Island's decaying gay bars mostly attract middle-age men. We went to America's most notorious gay travel spot to see if young gays can enjoy the fun.
Mitchell Sunderland

The Stone Dicks of Fire Island's Belvedere Hotel

Sexy and sad statues and portraits of young men cover the halls of Fire Island's most notorious, clothing-optional luxury hotel.
Mitchell Sunderland

Gay Men Declare Taylor Swift the Queen of Pop

For years, gay men and many pop fans have ignored Taylor Swift, but her first official pop album '1989' has led many gay men to consider her the new queen of pop.
Mitchell Sunderland

'Queers for the Climate' Are Trying to Save Fire Island from Rising Seas

"Let's be honest, straight people probably can't get us out of this mess on their own."
Brian Merchant

Vito Fun's Summer 2013 Photo Dump

Thanks to global warming, summer 2013 lives on, giving Vito Fun more wiggle room to make people take their clothes off. But back when it actually WAS summer, Vito took a lot of pics and lived up to his surname. He sent the photos to us, and we decided...
Vito Fun

Tom Bianchi Photographed His Gay Paradise Before It Disappeared Forever

Close your eyes and imagine you're at the party of your dreams. You dance and you love and you spin and you love some more, and then all of your friends die. I know it's harsh, but it's also sort of what happened to Tom Bianchi in the 1980s, with the...
VICE Staff

Vito Fun's Summer Photo Dump 2012

The days of snow cones and skinny dipping in the East River are history, people. Winter came in fierce a couple of weeks ago with its bitch mistress Sandy, and from here on out it's going to be all hot toddies and whatever humanity-threatening death...
Vito Fun