How to literally fight a devastating forest fire with fire

We visited a controlled burn to see an expert solution to preventing deadly wildfires


The West is burning

Seventy-six wildfires were reported on Wednesday across nine western U.S. states.


Remembering Bill Tolley, New York's Fire-Fighting Death Metal Hero

Friends and fans remember the Internal Bleeding drummer, NYFD firefighter, and pillar of the New York death metal sound.


Volleyball is Good for Putting Out Fires

Playing in the sand keeps firefighter Aurora Skarra-Gallagher's body ready for emergencies.


How Not to Cook a Brisket in Your Bathtub

When the firefighters arrived at the apartment, they found a middle-aged woman fanning away light smoke, which was emanating from the interior of the apartment.


This Teen Firefighter Is Accused of Setting 18 Fires in Canada

Nineteen-year-old Lawson Schalm was set to graduate high school in two months, but will likely have to rethink a career in fire and rescue.


Firefighter Burned in Line of Duty Receives 'Most Extensive' Face Transplant Ever

There had previously been nine other face transplants and a scalp transplant in the US, but this procedure sets a new standard because it successfully included the full scalp, ears, ear canals, boney structures, and eyelids.


Insanely Spicy Chili Caused the Evacuation of Four Homes

We’re sure you’ll mirror our utter lack of shock after hearing how four student houses had to be professionally fumigated due to a batch of student-cooked chili that turned very, very wrong.


This Former Firefighter Is Making Some of the Best Drinks in LA

"If I’m willing to risk my life for a random-ass person, then I have the mentality that whoever is sitting across from me should be having a good time."