First Nations

reproductive rights

Indigenous Women in Canada Are Still Being Sterilized Without Their Consent

In the 20th century, the U.S. and Canada carried out a quiet genocide against Indigenous women through coerced sterilization. In 2019, it’s still happening.
Ankita Rao

Artisan Butcher Heat Laliberte Has Made It Through Hell and Back

“I’m trans and I’m First Nations. Statistically, I should be dead. It makes me sad.”
Matthew Murtagh-Wu
child welfare

Video shows officials seizing newborn from mother in Canadian hospital

The apprehension was live-streamed by a relative of the First Nations woman. More than 90 percent of children apprehended in Manitoba are Indigenous.
Rachel Browne

A Portrait of Life in Canada's Yellowknife Shack Community

Photographer Pat Kane’s ‘Offgrid’ series about shack-dwellers and houseboaters needs to be seen.
Pat Kane

Inside a Pageant for Indigenous Drag Queens

Instead of the cutthroat competition of ‘Drag Race,’ queens in ‘Black Divaz’ lift each other up.
Luke Ottenhof
climate change

An Inter-Tribal Gathering Is Helping Scientists Fight Climate Change

Indigenous tribes from Siberia and the Pacific Northwest gathered this summer to strategize their survival in the rapidly warming Arctic.
Avery L. White
DNA Hoax

A Sketchy DNA Testing Service Said Dogs Had First Nations Ancestry

Are Canadians using this DNA laboratory to claim First Nations tax exemptions?
Sarah Emerson
The Dystopia and Utopia Issue

How Canada's Indigenous Families Grieve the Loss of Their Loved Ones

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police estimated that between 1980 and 2012, around 1,200 Indigenous women were murdered or went missing.
Sara Hylton

The Activist Fighting for High-Tech Reconciliation for Canada's Indigenous People

As executive director of the First Nations Technology Council, Denise Williams wants to equalize the digital playing field for BC’s Indigenous communities.
Jordan Pearson

[NSFW] The Wild West Gets Surreal in These Epic Paintings

Kent Monkman’s 'The Rendezvous' painting series illuminates a little-known corner of American history.
Beverly Bryan
radioactive waste

First Nations in Ontario Are Grappling With Nuclear Waste on Their Lands

The plan to build a nuclear waste dump on the Great Lakes is inching forward. It still needs consent from the Saugeen Ojibway Nation.
Kate Lunau

Meet the Native American Designers Innovating in the Fashion World

"Native Fashion Now" celebrates modern designers working at the intersection of tradition and revolution.
Beverly Bryan