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The Trump administration is prioritizing money over endangered species

In many cases, the changes elevate economic impact and private interests over a species’ need for protection.
Alex Lubben
Hurricane Relief

The Puerto Rican Island the US Military Destroyed Has Been Forgotten After Hurricane Maria

"Currently, people in Vieques are struggling to survive. That needs to be a priority."
Sarah Emerson

Republicans Vote to Allow Killing of Wolves and Bears on Refuges in Alaska

The US Fish and Wildlife Service rule prohibits controversial methods like gassing dens and shooting cubs.
Grennan Milliken

How Drone-Delivered Peanut Butter Treats Could Save This Endangered Ferret

Tasty, bite-sized, peanut butter treats falling from the heavens.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Sage Grouse Isn't Going to Get Endangered Species Protections

The Obama administration's decision not to list the dwindling wild bird as officially endangered aimed to strike a balance between environmentalists and energy interests, but may end up being challenged in court by both.
Colleen Curry

Obama Has Proposed a Ban on Almost All Ivory Sales in the United States

An elephant is killed for its tusks every fifteen minutes, leading to a 69 percent decline in the number of animals since 1980.
Laura Dattaro

Watch a Ton of Ivory Get Crushed in NY's Times Square

The United States is the second largest market for ivory, trailing only China, and conservationists crushed a ton of it on Friday in the heart of New York City.
Laura Dattaro

The Monarch Butterfly Might Soon Be Listed As An Endangered Species

The US Fish and Wildlife Service announced on Monday it will begin a year-long evaluation of whether or not the insect should be placed under federal protection due to habitat loss, disease, and climate change.
Laura Dattaro
Motherboard Blog

Illegal Tiger Pelts and Turtle Boots are Now all over Craigslist

We've known that trafficking of endangered species has been "a global problem for some time now":, but a recent series of busts by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife...
Derek Mead