Paul Cherry's Smooth and Psychedelic Debut Album Is a Weirdo-Pop Gem

Dive into the multitalented Chicago musician’s colorful world on Flavour, which is premiering in full with Noisey.


Why I’m Starting a Cooking Class for People Living with Cancer

London-based food writer Ryan Riley, who lost his mother to cancer as a teenager, is developing a free cooking course for those undergoing cancer treatments.


We Asked a Guy with Synesthesia What a Bunch of Songs Taste Like

"Pianos always have the taste and texture of pineapple chunks. Usually, they’re the sweet tinned ones, but in this case, they were fresh.”


Future of Flavour - Part 3

In our final episode, host Helena Yuu heads back to Future Food Studio where she tries edible flavour clouds.


Future of Flavour - Part 2

Toronto cook Helena Yuu visits with flavour scientist Dr. Irwin Adam to find out how flavour actually works and why bacon is like a drug.


Scientists Have Figured Out How to Make Chocolate Taste as Complex as Wine

Scientists at Belgium’s University of Leuven have developed a new hybrid yeast strain that can be used to ferment cocoa beans, giving them as varied a flavour profile as that of wine or coffee.


Apparently Slow Breathing Makes Food Taste Better

According to a new study from mechanical engineers at Penn State University, the way you breathe can impact your enjoyment of a meal.


Listening to This Man’s Stories Could Make Chocolate Taste Even Better

An experiment at the University of the West of England wires people to brain-scanners to find out whether listening to a story changes perception of flavour.


Faking Taste With Electrical Shocks to the Tongue Is Our Dystopian Food Future

Taste+ promises to make something like Soylent as appetizing as foie gras without changing its nutritional content in the slightest.


This Cheese Gave Me a Nosebleed

For those with a true cheese addiction, there can be no messing around—only the strongest, most sinus-searingly potent kind will do.


We Should Be Eating Seaweed by the Bucketload

So nutrient-dense and sustainable it's almost silly, it's high time we started looking to seaweed as a regular food source beyond spirulina pills and the stuff found in store-bought miso soups.


The Mick Jagger of Whisky Wants You to Drink It Your Way

Opinions on whisky are like assholes—everyone has one. Next time a barmen gives you the stink eye for adding water (or even Coca-Cola) to your single malt, though, tell them that one of Scotland's top distillers says you should drink it just how you...