How to Tell If Your Partner Is Spying on Your Phone

"Stalkerware" apps let abusers monitor their partner's phones and track their locations—without them knowing.
Samantha Cole
El Chapo

El Chapo’s lawyers want to suppress evidence from spyware used to catch cheating spouses

The kingpin's lawyers have long suspected the government used spy technology to bust their client. Now, they appear to have proof.
Keegan Hamilton
When Spies Come Home

Hacker Steals Customers' Text Messages from Android Spyware Company

A hacker has stolen text messages and call metadata from SpyHuman, a firm selling malware to the everyday consumer. It’s the fifth such consumer spyware company to be targeted recently.
Joseph Cox
Domestic Surveillance

Motherboard Files Legal Complaint Against Metropolitan Police for Malware Purchase

London police have refused to explain why an officer bought powerful spyware that was marketed for spying on a user's spouse.
Joseph Cox

Florida Cop Bought Powerful Phone Malware That Can Intercept Emails and WhatsApp

In the first known case of a U.S. regional agency purchasing malware, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement officer bought FlexiSpy.
Joseph Cox
When Spies Come Home

When Technology Takes Hostages: The Rise of 'Stalkerware'

NSA zero-days and sophisticated state surveillance tools get all the headlines. But we’re overlooking the dangerous, life-threatening, rise of “stalkerware,” which enables domestic violence.
Elle Armageddon
When Spies Come Home

Wanna Know If Someone Planted Spyware on Your Computer?

Activist Claudio Guarnieri has released a tool to detect and remove FlexiSpy from your PC.
Joseph Cox
customer service

A Week Later, Hacked Spyware Vendors Haven't Warned Their 130,000 Customers

An alleged email apparently shows one employee explicitly telling staff not to warn customers the company was hacked.
Joseph Cox
watching the watchers

A London Police Officer Bought Malware That Can Intercept Calls, Steal Emails, And More

It’s not clear whether the malware was for personal or official use.
Joseph Cox
bounty Hunters

You Can Now Get Paid to Hack Spyware Vendor FlexiSpy

Even though FlexiSpy has announced a bug bounty program, the company still hasn't commented on the hack itself.
Joseph Cox
When Spies Come Home

Meet FlexiSpy, The Company Getting Rich Selling 'Stalkerware' to Jealous Lovers

How a small company in Thailand came to dominate the shady market of consumer spyware.
Joseph Cox
When Spies Comes Home

YouTubers Are Hawking Powerful Phone Malware to Illegally Spy on Lovers

Check the link in the description below!
Joseph Cox