flight 370


Looks Like that Plane Debris Is Definitely from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Debris discovered on an island in the Indian Ocean earlier this year is from the missing Boeing 777.


Malaysia Airlines Is 'Technically Bankrupt' After the Dual Disasters of 2014

The tragedies of 2014 include the disappearance of flight 370 in March and the shooting down of flight MH17 in July, which killed 537 people in total. Malaysia Airlines will now cut 6,000 jobs.


Now Anyone Can Access Satellite Data for MH370

But the data release is unlikely to offer any new information.


How Better Black Boxes Could Help Find Lost Planes

Europe's aviation authority proposes new flight recorders in response to the Air France and Malaysia Airlines incidents.


To Keep Track of Airplanes, Think of Them Like Bitcoins

A protocol to verify cryptocurrency transactions could be used to protect air traffic data from tampering by terrorists.


A New Laser-Based Radar System Will Help Track the Next Missing Plane

Light-based radar is more accurate and has a longer range than traditional radio waves or microwaves.


The Vastness and Darkness of Earth, According to One Missing Airliner

Flight 370 and the justified bafflement of future-humans.