Flight MH370


Did the MH370 pilot murder the passengers? Experts apparently think so.

“He was killing everyone else onboard. And he did it deliberately," one aircraft investigator told "60 Minutes."


Someone Made a 'Where's Waldo' Style Book About Missing Flight MH370

The creator of Ship Your Enemies Glitter is back with another evil spectacle.


Answers to the Malaysian Airline Mystery Still Lie on the Ocean Floor

Newly found wreckage, the first breakthrough in the search for MH370, might not be such a breakthrough after all.


We Asked an Expert How the Debris Found on Reunion Island Might Help Locate MH370

He's hopeful that more debris will wash up in different places, giving authorities a better chance at backtracking to the crash site.


Could This Plane Debris Found in the Indian Ocean Be from Flight MH370?

A piece of what might be the airplane's wing just washed ashore Réunion island in the Indian Ocean.


The Search For Glory and Also MH370

Wild theories and conspiratorial whisperings on the fate of the flight have given way to the most important question of all: Hey, how’d we make out?


Cutting Through Even More Bullshit Surrounding Flight MH370

People seem to believe, fairly reasonably, that the well-being and position of any aircraft in the sky is being streamed back to a base somewhere in real time. Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 carried a transponder that broadcasted the plane's location...


Cutting Through the Bullshit Surrounding Flight MH370

Somehow, it's not enough for the media to simply report that a plane is missing, presumed crashed, and no one has found the wreckage yet—they have to build elaborate narratives about terrorism and "mystery passengers."