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Rolled Tide, Chip Ahoy!, and the Miserable Vols: The Week in College Football

Auburn has provided the blueprint for beating Alabama and it could leave Nick Saban on the outside looking in for the Playoff picture.
Mike Piellucci
college world series

Which Of These College World Series Names Are Real?

A quiz for connoisseurs of College Baseball Names, people that forgot the College World Series was a thing, and everyone else.
David Roth

Jonathan Isaac Is A Safe NBA Draft Prospect With Upside

The Florida State freshman may or may not put it together on offense, but his defensive gifts should make him a useful professional player regardless.
Sam Vecenie
Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston Says Girls are "Supposed to Be Silent"

Jameis Winston said he made a "poor word choice" when addressing elementary school kids.
Mike Vorkunov
grayson allen

Grayson Allen Was Involved in Another Shady Incident Against Florida State

While trying to save a loose ball, Grayson Allen ran in hard to a Florida State assistant coach and it looked like he gave him a nice shove.
Sean Newell
Bobby Bowden

Bobby Bowden Has Some Dumb Things to Say About Fatherless Players

"They grow up and wanna be like their momma. They wanna be a man like their momma… That's why they wear earrings."
Patrick Sauer
Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston Settles Rape Civil Suit with Accuser

According to the accuser's attorney "the case has been resolved to the satisfaction of the parties."
Mike Vorkunov

Clemson is Undefeated and a Likely Playoff Candidate, But They Kind of Suck

Clemson's record is impressive, but their performances have not been.
Kevin Trahan

Jimbo Fisher May Not Be Able to Fix the Mess at Florida State

Perhaps Fisher is a better builder than maintainer. Or perhaps he was never as great as his reputation suggested.
Mike Piellucci

Louisville Is College Football's No-Longer-Secret National Title Hopeful

A team that was lurking under the radar before the season has now been found out. Can Louisville now take the next step and become national title contenders?
Mike Piellucci
charleston southern

Up to 40 Charleston Southern Football Players Could be Suspended for Buying Stuff at the School Bookstore

The NCAA exerts its control in one of the most ridiculous ways possible.
Kevin Trahan
florida state

FSU Strength Coach Suspended for DUI Arrest After Swigging Whisking in His Office…and TV Crew's Trailer

While filming a documentary, Showtime crews gave FSU's strength coach a bottle of whiskey. He drank it at the facility and then got a DUI.
Mike Vorkunov