folk music


The Artists Bringing LGBT+ Narratives into Scottish Folk Music

We hung out with the musicians in Bogha-frois, a new collective pulling trad folk out of its strict hetero boundaries.
Ross McIndoe

Gaelynn Lea: "Art Can Serve as a Vessel to Remind People We're Here"

The Minnesota musician speaks about accessibility in the arts, her history with the violin, and the ways that folk music can change everything.
Matt Williams

Finding Happiness Isn't Easy But Brandi Carlile Is Doing the Best She Can

We talked to the pacific northwest folk singer about her latest album, 'By The Way, I Forgive You,' gay motherhood, how shutting the hell up is activism.
Annalise Domenighini

Hear Caitlin Canty's Gritty Alt-Folk 'Motel Bouquet' Before Everyone Else

Canty, the Vermont-born singer-songwriter, moved to Nashville but refuses to let that change her. At least, as much as she can.
Annalise Domenighini

Magín Díaz, the Latin Grammy Winner Who Doesn't Remember When He Was Born

Shortly before his death on November 28, we visited Magín Diáz at his home in Gamero, in the Bolívar Department of Colombia. He was the oldest artist to win one of the most important awards in Latin American music.
Andrea Jiménez Jiménez

Field Medic's Anxious New Single Is About Saying Fuck It and Doing Drugs

We talk to the San Francisco artist about anxiety, sobriety, and "Do a Little Dope" from his new Run For Cover compilation 'Songs From the Sunroom.'
Josh Terry
Future Days

There Is Only One Good Album, and It Was Made by Harry Dean Stanton

The actor, who was recently seen quietly singing a country standard in the new 'Twin Peaks,' has never been more beloved than he is now.
Drew Millard
Impact Equality

American Musical Ambassadors Offset the Negative Trump Brand Abroad

From Papua New Guinea to Ghana, from Croatia to Vietnam -- cultural ambassadors are sent by the US State Department to facilitate cultural exchange through music and other art forms.
Emily Weitz

The Good Graces's 'Set Your Sights' Is Really Emotional and Really Good

Relatable, though, right?
Annalise Domenighini
Musical AI

Real Musicians Evaluate Music Made by Artificial Intelligence

This Irish folk algorithm is a surprisingly good original composer.
Ben Dickson

Michigan Folk Legend Chris Bathgate Returns with 'Dizzy Seas'

His first full-length album in five years is out Friday.
Noisey Staff
50 states of art

Essay: Growing Up in the Mississippi Delta Made Me a Musician | #50StatesofArt

Cyle Barnes, frontman for The Weeks, reflects on his upbringing in the deep South.
Cyle Barnes