mental health

Why You Should Stop Trying to Please Everyone, by Me, an Autistic Woman

I feel zero obligation to party when I want to stay home, or keep my mouth shut when I want to speak. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
Madeleine Ryan
Eve's Week In the Woods

I've Been Offline for Four Days and I'm Making Analog Memes

Eve's fourth day in the woods brings mixed feelings about the benefits of the internet.
Eve Peyser

How I Learned to Deal with My Bitcoin FOMO

As Bitcoin's price shoots up, the world is full of people with regrets. I was one of them.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
E3 2017

E3 Makes Me Want To Play Games That Already Exist

2017—and late 2016—already saw great releases. Nothing at E3 this year is as exciting as they are.
Janine Hawkins
festivals 2016

Stop, Sit, and Witness All the Highlights from Glastonbury 2016

To bring some efficiency to your FOMO, here are all the festival's greatest moments in one place—from David Bowie sing alongs to BBK storming the Pyramid Stage on mountain bikes.
Emma Garland

You Probably Don’t Know What ‘Phubbing' Is, But You Do It Constantly

A 2016 study explains why you can't stop looking at your phone, even when you are ostensibly having fun with your friends.
Gabby Bess
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Stormzy Smash Through "Not That Deep" and "WickedSkengMan Part 4" Live at the Great Escape

Essential viewing for anybody wishing to experience post-event FOMO.
Noisey Staff

We Asked Some Psychologists to Explain the Science Behind Your Crippling FOMO

Feeling bad about missing out on that concert or festival? You're definitely not alone.
Gigen Mammoser
thump exclusive stream

Lauren Lane's Latest For Eats Everything's Edible Imprint Offers Electro-Tinged Tech House

The 808 flavor of "FOMO" comes in advance of a new EP called 'Diary of a Madwoman'
Joshua Glazer

How to Live, Socialize, and Date in the Maritimes, Canada's Roughest Region

Millennial ennui loses its sting after you've hung in a trailer with a 78-year-old war vet who needs your help bottling homebrew at 11:30 PM.
Julia Wright

Stop Blaming Social Media for Making You Feel Like Shit

It's become fashionable to blame Facebook for depression, but mental health professionals say that explanation is incomplete.
Wendy Syfret

"Put Da Money Down My Pants!" Here's Big Dipper's Video for "Da Money"

"Flip-flops in the club? HOW DARE YOU!" Big Dipper talks queer hip-hop, fashion, FOMO, fat shaming, hate-watching, and shitloads more.
Mathias Rosenzweig