Food advertising


Seeing 'Sexy Images' of Women Makes Men Hungry for Meat, Study Says

The correlation was not true for women seeing images of men.


This Mexican Restaurant's Trump Wall-Themed Billboard Is Pissing People Off

After seeing the company’s latest billboards—which read “The best Mexican food this side of the wall”—some people are definitely not loving the irreverence all that much.


Even 'Healthy' Pre-Packaged Food Is Generally Bad for You

Food that made health claims turned out to be only marginally better for you than conventional packaged foods. In fact, the study said, the differences were so tiny they probably have no significant impact on your health.


Why a Taqueria Is Suing KFC for Being 'Finger Lickin' Good'

KFC is being sued by Taqueria El Amigo after the chicken behemoth ran a bunch of ads that target the Spanish-language audience and use a particular translation of its familiar tag line.


Kids May No Longer Be the Prime Targets for Junk Food and Candy Ads

The UK seems to finally be getting serious about cracking down on sweets and junk food. The Local Government Association said that it would like to see a ban on the advertising of junk food near schools.


Angry Vegans Forced a Burger Restaurant to Pull Its New Ad

British restaurant chain Gourmet Burger Kitchen has been forced to take down posters in a new advertising campaign following complaints from vegetarians and vegans.


This Supermarket Ad Suggests Faking Your Own Death to Bring Your Family Together

Maybe Whole Foods needs to take a page from their book and embrace its inner nihilist. After all, nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like some Spanking the Monkey-level black comedy.


Researchers Say Looking at Gross Things Will Make You Less Fat

"Kittens and babies are not as powerful as mutilation and contamination." Yep, that's the takeaway from a new study that says we should all be slimming down by looking at horrible things.


Wackaging Is Your Food's Attempt at Hitting on You

Imagine a world where everything you read was desperately trying to make friends with you. This is the world of "wackaging"—the rapidly growing trend for chatty food packaging that's becoming harder and harder to swallow.


Food Advertising Is Still Feeding Gender Stereotypes

In 2014, according to many mainstream food advertisements, men only eat meat and women only consume yogurt, a stereotype that would make Gloria Steinem want to go on a hunger strike.