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UN World Food Programme Head Says Trump Budget Will Result in 'Starving Babies'

“No one in America believes that ‘America First’ means that other people must die.”
Alex Swerdloff

A Tech Company Hopes These Edible Drones Will Help End World Hunger

Some organizations are speaking out against the drones, with the chief executive of Save the Children calling them a "crackpot idea."
Brent Crane

Why Did This French Mayor Just Ban Giving Food to Refugees?

Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of Calais, sees the distribution of food as the first step toward a potential terrorist threat to her city.
Alex Swerdloff

An Entire 21-Ton Airdrop of Food for a Besieged Syrian Town Has Been Lost

The pallets contained lentils, vegetable oil, rice, and salt, and could have fed 2,500 people for a month (there are currently 200,000 people living in Deir al-Zour).
Wyatt Marshall

Syrian Refugee Camps Now Use Eye Scanners to Pass Out Food

It may sound like something out of <i>Mission: Impossible,</i> but iris scanning technology is now helping humanitarian programs feed hungry refugees.
Wyatt Marshall

The Starving Syrian Town of Madaya Is Finally Getting Food Aid

Madaya, 25 kilometers northwest of Damascus and 11 kilometers from the Lebanese border, has been besieged by Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah since July. Cut off from access to food, some residents in...
Wyatt Marshall

This Bitter-Tasting Plant Powder Could Improve African Food Security

High in vitamin C and with more potassium than bananas, moringa powder already has a lot going for it, but there are also claims it could help producers in Ghana and Niger.
Rich McEachran

Should the World Be Funding Food Aid to North Korea?

Millions of North Koreans remain under-nourished while Pyongyang continues its nuclear programme and startling array of status projects. But is foreign food aid the most valuable response?
David Whelan
Motherboard Blog

The Key to Solving African Food Crises is Better Farmer Networking

The most ubiquitous images of Africa usually include a scorched, barren landscape and some insanely thin babies. People starving. No food. And one usually gets the impression that we -- the West -- must swoop in and save the day. "Let us feed those...
Ana Tiwathia