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Trump's Trade War Has One Big Winner: Food Banks

Is Trump accidentally feeding poor people as a result of his tariff tactics?
Billie Brownstein
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Wilbur Ross thinks desperate federal workers should just get a bank loan

Trump's commerce secretary also said that workers calling in sick need to just suck it up, because they will eventually get paid.
Rex Santus

How the Neo-Nazi Movement Is Using Food Banks to Spread Its Message

With the advent of a "whites only" food bank in Scotland, far-right and nationalist groups in Europe are using claims of charity to manipulate their community presence.
Alex Swerdloff
food banks

Nearly 1.5 Million Parents Will Skip Meals This Summer So Their Kids Can Eat

Figures released last week from UK food bank charity Trussell Trust show that for many families, not being able to rely on free school lunches means going without during the long summer holiday.
Daisy Meager
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This Supermarket Wasted 59,400 Metric Tons of Food Last Year

Despite introducing measures to cut waste, British supermarket chain Tesco threw away 4 percent more food in 2015 than the year previous.
Daisy Meager

There’s a Food Security Crisis in Canada and It’s Worse Than You Think

Millions of Canadians are food insecure, but there is a startling lack of data and government awareness of the problem.
Rebecca Tucker

America’s College Students Are Still Broke and Hungry as Hell

A whopping 71 percent of students surveyed reported having to alter their eating habits because of the low budget that they must live on while in school.
Hilary Pollack

Shoppers at a British Supermarket Started a Fight Over Cheap Meat

The dark side of the reduced aisle was revealed yesterday when a video emerged showing Tesco customers fighting on the floor over cut price meat.
Phoebe Hurst

Food Banks Are a Big Issue in Next Week's UK General Election

Recently released figures showed that British residents paid almost 1 million visits to food banks last year. So national hunger is a major talking point ahead of the UK elections on May 7.
Sally Hayden

This Food Bank Will Turn You Away If You Eat Meat

At Toronto's Vegetarian Food Bank, low-income vegetarians and vegans can get access to fresh produce and meat-free proteins.
Karon Liu

Broke UK Students Are Relying on Food Banks Run by Other Students

Staff members at Manchester Central Food Bank have noticed a developing trend of students feeding students with food donated by students.
Alexander Bulcock

An English Food Bank Is Fighting Food Poverty by Not Giving Out Food

NG7 says the government is relying too much on private charities to help the hungry.
Charlotte England