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An Inside Look at New York City Street Vendors' Fight to Survive

The city only gives out 4,000 permits a year, creating a black market for vendors securing them illegally—but now one local legislator is pushing to offer up more.
VICE Staff
food carts

Racist Incident at Portland Food Truck Leads to Backlash for Unrelated Food Cart

The people of Portland keep mistaking Gharib Muhammad for another man who used a racial slur and threw a bottle of Gatorade at a customer.
Jelisa Castrodale

Tahiti's Global Cuisine Is Best Experienced Through Its Food Trucks

The menus reflect the mashup of cultures that have shaped the cuisine of the islands: Chinese stir-fries and Thai-style curries, Polynesian fresh and cured fish dishes, globalized pizza, and French classics.
Betsy Andrews

Who Is Behind the Recent Attacks on Portland's Food Carts?

In less than two weeks, five separate Portland food cart pods have been hit by vandals who clearly are not as enthusiastic about the concept as most Portlandians.
Nick Rose
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Make the Thai Chicken and Rice from One of Portland's Best Food Carts

Making decisions is hard. Boxers or briefs? Swipe right or swipe left? But to help you with one choice for today, we have the perfect dinner.
Javier Cabral

Why Protesters Threw Two Tons of French Fries on This City Hall

There’s truly no greater form of civil disobedience than dumping a massive amount of delightful French fries all over of your oppressor’s front doorway.
Alex Swerdloff

These Carnitas Tacos Might Turn You Vegan

When cooked, green jackfruit has the texture of shredded pork—straight up. So what happens when you treat it like carnitas and put it in a taco?
Javier Cabral

This Malaysian City Is the Food Cart Mecca You've Never Heard Of

In George Town—where Indian, Hokkien Chinese, Hakka, Cantonese, Malay, and everything in between clash in a beautiful culinary supernova—it is hard to find a bad meal.
Brent Crane

Portland's Oldest Food Cart Park Could Get Wiped Out by a New High-Rise

Some 60 to 70 food carts will need to find new homes if the development proceeds, displacing one of the city’s prime cultural attractions.
Wyatt Marshall

Getting Busted By the Cops Made My Taco Truck Take Off

Everything was going fine until two cops rolled up and asked, “Do you have your permits?” I answered yes, but I didn’t have the permits. I thought it was all over but little did I know that run-in with the law was just what my business needed.
Wesley Avila

Authorities Busted Portland Food Carts For Using Meat from Thieves’ Pants

Two Portland food cart owners have been arrested after a months-long investigation revealed that they were buying meat from shoplifters who had smuggled it in their pants.
Hilary Pollack

I Toured NYC's Least Hygienic Restaurants and They Were Delicious

I sampled food from restaurants that have fallen afoul of the Health Department, and enjoyed almost all of it. Then I puked.
River Donaghey