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A Love Letter to Cook Out, the Most Underrated Fast Food Chain

Like all good fast food, it’s quick and cheap; but there are some quirks that make this North Carolina-based chain special.


Mosquitoes Are Now Vectors for Pollution as Well as Disease

Scientists find that insects can poison birds and fish with plastic they ate as larvae.


Inside the monumental effort to rid the world’s oceans of plastic

The world dumps the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic into the ocean every minute.


These Technicolor Sea Slugs Use Other Creatures as Bait to Catch Their Dinner

We’ve always known that nudibranchs eat hydroids, but upon closer inspection, scientists have found they’re getting more than they pay for.


The Most Realistic Antarctic Warming Experiment to Date Went Worse Than Expected

By studying the impact on microscopic, shallow water organisms, researchers got a glimpse of the impact of warming seas.


Did the Founder of Jimmy John's Sandwiches Get Naked and Hump a Dead Shark?

We present the evidence for and against this rapidly spreading claim.


Badgers Are More Scared of the BBC Than Bears

European badgers are more afraid of human voices than bears or wolves, a study found.


Study Finds Fish Are Obsessed with Eating Plastic Even Though It's Killing Them

Fish can't get enough of microplastics. In fact, they seem to prefer them to their traditional foods, such as plankton, the researchers say.


Artist Sculpts a Year's Supply of Food Out of Porcelain

Eerie food sculptures for a good cause are the result of a year's worth of work from Dutch-Israeli artist, Itamar Gilboa.


Plastic Microbeads From Body Wash Are Contaminating the Great Lakes

The exfoliating plastic microbeads found in body wash, hand soap, and facial scrubs have been found in high — and toxic — concentrations.


Photographs of Animals Eating Each Other

Photographer Catherine Chalmers' new series 'Food Chain' showcases the circle of life—blood, guts, and all.


Humans Are Not at the Top of the Food Chain

For the first time, scientists calculated out the trophic level of humans.