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How Dollar General is taking over rural America

The rise of Dollar General, and the reshaping of rural America
Roberto Ferdman

This Neighborhood Without a Grocery Store for 40 Years Is Changing How It Gets Good Food

Without a large supermarket to feed local residents, a movement of nonprofits and other initiatives took its place to provide fresh and healthy produce.
Helaina Hovitz
food justice

How One LA Neighborhood Is Tackling Food Deserts

The solution starts once we tackle structural racism and systemic inequality.
Javier Cabral
food desert

Doctors Can Now Prescribe Fruits and Vegetables to Patients

For the millions of Americans living in food deserts, plucking a peach off of a tree isn’t really an option.
Nick Rose

Putting Health Food in Food Deserts Doesn’t Change People's Buying Habits

A team of researchers from Drexel supplied two East Los Angeles corner stores with improved shelving, training, and social media marketing, as well as more fruits and vegetables. Sadly, they did not get the results they hoped for.
Nick Rose
food desert

How Technology Could Solve the Food Desert Crisis

While food deserts—areas where access to healthy foods is absent or limited—have existed for a long time, we're now using technology to identify and solve the problem. Here's how.
Alex Swerdloff
food desert

This Mobile Grocery Store Wants to Eliminate Food Deserts in Kansas City

Rollin’ Grocer is the first mobile grocery store in Kansas City, Missouri, bringing fresh food to the city's urban core.
Mary Sauer

This Vegan Restaurant Is Feeding a Low-Income Food Desert

Babette Davis is the chef and co-owner of Stuff I Eat, a vegan restaurant in Inglewood. She’s 65 and has the body of a 40-year-old Pilates instructor, and she interrupts our interview at several points to demonstrate pushups and sing the “Star Spangled...
Gowri Chandra

How Urban Gardening Can Save Black Communities

A new documentary shows how planting the seeds of social change begins with knowing where your food comes from.
Bill Kilby
Fast Food

Rich Kids Eat Tons of Fast Food, Too

New data shows that kids from well-to-do backgrounds eat just as many crappy tacos and cheap burgers as those from low-income families.
Alex Swerdloff
the business of life

The Way Americans Eat - The Business of Life (Episode 8)

Can organic foods, GMOs, and greater access to fresh food save us? For the answer, we turn to a panel of experts, featuring Frederick Kaufman, Danielle Nierenberg, and Katherine Mangu-Ward.
Business of Life

The way Americans eat - The Business of Life (Season 1, Episode 8)

We find out why American's are obsessed with food, and how that effects us as consumers.