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Trump's Mexico Tariff Could Utterly Screw Chipotle

Chipotle gets around 70 million pounds of the 99 million pounds of avocados it uses each year from Mexico.
Alex Swerdloff

Trump's Mexico Tariff Would Be Very Bad News for Americans Who Like Food, Alcohol

A tariff on imported Mexican goods could have a devastating effect on America’s ability to feed itself—and on American food businesses that hope to continue selling goods in Mexico.
Alex Swerdloff

Bootleg Four Loko Is Being Sold in China as 'Lose Virginity Liquor'

Vendors and sellers operating on online shopping portals are marketing Loko under some pretty enticing logos: “Blackout in a can,” “deflowered wine”, and shi shen jiu, meaning “lose virginity liquor.”
Alex Swerdloff

America Has a Crippling Cheese Surplus

The surplus of cheese has been building up such that US cheese inventories at the end of March were the highest they’ve been since 1984.
Alex Swerdloff

The Nuclear Deal Clears the Way for Iranian Saffron in the West

Next week, the first shipment of Iranian saffron will be coming to the US. The announcement was made by the head of Iran’s Saffron Exports Development Fund.
Alex Swerdloff

Russia Is Trying to Mend a 60-Year-Old Land Dispute Through Fishing Rights

Something as petty as technically still being at war isn’t stopping the Russian Federation from offering Japan the right to develop fisheries and other forms of aquaculture around the disputed islands.
Alex Swerdloff

Japan Is Serving Foreigners Food from Post-Meltdown Fukushima

Despite reassurances by the government, it looks as though Fukushima may have a ways to go before everything returns to normal—if it ever will.
Alex Swerdloff

Cuba Doesn’t Want Any Filthy American Food

Our capitalist politicians are learning the hard way that just because we suddenly want to rub shoulders with communist-run Cuba doesn’t mean they want to do the same.
Alex Swerdloff

China's Newfound Love for North American Lobster Is Driving Up Prices at Home

Looks like it’s time to hit up Beijing for an honest taste of down-home Maine. Now if only we could get some of that good ol’ American gai lan.
Alex Swerdloff

That Non-Browning Apple Is Nothing New

Non-browning Arctic Apples were recently approved by the USDA. We got in touch with Tom Burford, MUNCHIES' favorite apple historian, to get his take on the new Franken-fruit.
Lauren Rothman
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British Food Is Taking Over the World

Countries like Italy and France, which are known for making their own great cheese and wine, are buying up such products from Britain in huge quantities. What gives?
Lauren Rothman