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Cheesecake Factory's Free Slice Promotion Results in Complete Chaos

One arrest ensued after "one ambulance, fire chief vehicle, and a dozen cruisers" showed up at the Arlington, Virginia location.
Bettina Makalintal

Swedish Woman Completely Flips Out, Lands in Jail Over Pancetta in Bolognese Sauce

After yelling, “You can have your fucking pancetta,” she tossed a plate in the direction of her boyfriend’s eyebrow, where it made contact.
Alex Swerdloff

Taco Bell Employees Threw Hot Grease at Customers During an Insane Fight

The next time you find yourself in a fight and your opponent whips out a Super Soaker filled with liquid that smells of three-day-old churros, you might just want to run for your dear life.
Alex Swerdloff

Why Spain's Infamous Tomato Food Fight Festival Is Making Nigerians Angry

Outrage over the wanton waste of La Tomatina is brewing online, as Nigerians are experiencing a tomato emergency thanks to what’s been called “tomato ebola.”
Wyatt Marshall

Someone Took Too Much Crab at a Buffet and Started an Out-of-Control Brawl

At what point does a person’s eagerness to get the most out of a buffet shift from frugal zealousness to straight-up criminal behavior?
Alex Swerdloff

Italy's Biggest Food Fight Has Left 70 People Injured

For the roughly 7,000 people who showed up to this year’s "Battle of the Oranges," the citrus-tinged festival comes with some seriously real repercussions.
Alex Swerdloff

Haberdashery Owner Attacked in Yogurt Convertible Drive-By

In an unprecedented display of douchebaggery, it would appear that somebody is driving around southwest England in an open convertible and targeting unsuspecting victims with dairy.
Nick Rose