Food insecurity


The Link Between Food Security and Terrorism Is Surprisingly Complicated, Report Shows

Countries with greater food abundance are actually more likely—not less—to experience terrorism at home.
Lauren Rothman

For Many College Students, Hunger Can ‘Make It Hard To Focus In Class’

Up to half of college students report that they're either not getting enough to eat or are worried about their access to food.
Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News

The 'FoodFight!' Campaign to End Food Waste Makes Meal Donations as Easy as Using a Rideshare App

Local activists launched a campaign to urge LA restaurants to put their tossed-out leftovers to good use.
Aaron Barksdale

Inside the Lakota Sioux's Fight for Food Sovereignty

“Permaculture is a white people word. We already lived that life; we just have to practice it.“
Clarissa Wei
world food day

These Mystery Food Pellets Are São Paulo’s Attempt to Combat Hunger

The program has drawn criticism from nutrition experts.
Kaleigh Rogers

Colleges Are Finally Taking Student Hunger Seriously

New studies show that between 20 and 40 percent of college students don't have reliable access to food. Old attitudes about ramen in dorm rooms are finally giving way to real efforts to help them.
Hannah Harris Green
seal meat

Eating Seal Meat Is a Vital Part of Life in My Community

Many people opposed to seal hunting don't understand that kids in indigenous communities are hungry, and it's painful to see that. It's ridiculous that other cultures are welcome to survive off of our natural resources, but we're not.
Tanya Tagaq

This Scientific Breakthrough Could Completely Change the Way the World Grows Food

The solution? Just get plant life to more efficiently photosynthesize.
Alex Swerdloff

America’s College Students Are Still Broke and Hungry as Hell

A whopping 71 percent of students surveyed reported having to alter their eating habits because of the low budget that they must live on while in school.
Hilary Pollack

Growing Corn in East Africa Is Attracting More Plague-Carrying Rats

A new study found plague-infected rodents were nearly twice as common on farms as they were in the wild.
Kaleigh Rogers

America's Economy Is Recovering, But Its Food Security Isn't

As the holiday season ramps up and cooks everywhere prepare to fill their tables with burnished roasts, bubbling pies, and heaps of holiday cookies, a sobering fact runs counter to the seasonal excess: in America—the wealthiest country in the world...
Lauren Rothman
food waste

These UK Cafes Serve Delicious Casseroles Straight from the Garbage

For many of us, British cuisine is defined by such hearty pub fare as roast beef, shepherd’s pie and chip buttys. But one Leeds native is bringing something new to England’s tables: one hundred percent salvaged foods.
Lauren Rothman