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Wellness Lies

There’s No Such Thing as a Superfood

Experts are increasingly calling out “superfoods” like kale, almonds, and blueberries for what they really are—something between wishful thinking and really effective marketing.
K. Aleisha Fetters
Eat This

How Food Labels Lie to You

Despite recent changes, packaging is still a masterclass in manipulation.
Markham Heid

Should Meat Come with Cancer Warning Labels?

Last week, the Center for Science in the Public Interest published a petition to the USDA requesting that processed meat products bear colorectal cancer warning stickers.
Wyatt Marshall
food safety

America Is Finally Getting Food Expiration Labels That Will Make Sense

If you still rely on the smell test—because arbitrary "best by" dates still leave you wondering whether you'll die from eating that three-week-old sour cream—you’re not alone.
Wyatt Marshall
The Law

Frivolous Lawsuit of the Day: Three Moms Mad That Cheez-Its Aren’t Healthy Enough

In an anti-carb world, it was only a matter of time until even the most innocuously wheaty little snacks would be under fire. Like, say, the squares of joy known as Cheez-Its.
Hilary Pollack

Why Is This Supermarket Using Fictional British Farms to Sell Food?

As would be expected, both consumers and farmers—who actually do currently exist and are located in Britain—are pretty pissed at what they believe to be nothing more than faulty advertising and a blatant lie.
Alex Swerdloff

France Wants to Know Where Its Milk and Processed Meat Comes From

In France, fresh meat must feature labels that indicate where meat was reared and slaughtered, but no such labeling exists for processed meats like sausages.
Wyatt Marshall
Gm os

Campbell's Is Going to Voluntarily Label the GMOs in Its Foods

Campbell Soup Company, the maker of everything from its iconic soups to V8 to Goldfish and Pace Salsa, has turned heads by announcing it will begin to voluntarily label its products that contain GMOs.
Wyatt Marshall
food labels

The FDA Wants to Fix All the Lies on Our Food Labels

The FDA is finally trying to address the problem of misleading and unnecessary food labels that confuse customers with claims of products being "all-natural" and "healthy."
Wyatt Marshall

Florida Is Being Sued for Labeling Skim Milk as 'Imitation Milk'

A small family dairy farm specializing in additive-free grass fed milk is suing the state of Florida for requiring them to label their skim milk as "imitation milk."
Javier Cabral

Organic and Fair Trade Foods Might Be Tricking You Into Thinking they Taste Better

According to a recent study, food labels touting terms like organic and fair trade might be tricking you into thinking that your rich, dark chocolate bar tastes extra heavenly, but that's a dirty ruse.
Jessica Scott-Reid
food politics

Do Consumers Actually Care About Where Their Meat Comes From?

Mandatory meat-labeling laws are coming under fire for violating trade agreements, but do consumers really care about those labels anyway?
Lauren Rothman