food poisoning

food poisoning

CDC Says Drop the Romaine and Bleach Your Fridge

To be safe, don't even look at any lettuce this weekend.
Bettina Makalintal
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How to Cook Without Giving Anyone Food Poisoning

You're probably going to be fine, but let's cover the basics just in case.
Munchies Staff

Barcelona Beach Vendors Busted for Selling E. Coli-Tainted Mojitos, Storing Ingredients in Sewers

Remember this next time you envy your friend's Instagram dispatch from Playa de la Barceloneta.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Should I Wash Meat Before I Cook It?

Short answer: Your attempt to wash away germs can backfire in a big way.
Joanne Spataro
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Is the Five-Second Rule Legit?

An investigation into one of the most hotly contested rules in history.
Juno DeMelo
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My Wedding Feast Gave All of My Loved Ones Salmonella

I spent my first day as a wife transporting my new husband's feces to the hospital.
Katinka Oppeck
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How Much Sushi Is Too Much?

Parasites, mercury, bacteria, oh my.
Misha Gajewski
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How Gross Is It to Eat Buffet Food?

Well, an infectious diseases specialist called them "cesspools for bacteria."
Ryan Brown

The Curious Story of a Drunken Hotel Orgy that Ended with Food Poisoning

Case closed... sort of. We're still a little confused about the "sex acts with hotel candlesticks."
Nick Rose
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Your Produce Is About to Get a Lot Safer to Eat

You'll probably see way fewer food recalls in the future.
Shayla Love
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Can I Eat Food That Sat Out All Night?

A guide to the leftovers festering on your kitchen counter.
Christina Stiehl
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Summer Health Hazards Are Not a Thing

People are irrationally afraid of algae, sunscreen and sand suffocation.
Jessie Gill